Airdate: WTF!

Yes that’s really it’s title…

Channel [V] is launching WTF!, a new afternoon show for fans of music and pop culture.

To be hosted by Danny Clayton, Billy Russell, Jane Gazzo and Carissa Walford it will air 4pm Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

-and no it’s not being produced by WTFN.

When you hit Hump Day, you know the weekend’s in your sights, but let’s face it, there’s still three whole days to get through until you’re kicking back with your feet up, basking in a little bit of YOU time. So Channel [V] has come up with the goods to get you through the back end of the week, with the brand new afternoon show, WTF! – your one stop shop of pop culture and music delights.

With all the awesome stuff going on around the world, it’s hard to find the one place that’s all got the goods. With WTF! you’ll be kept up to date on what’s happening daily in the world of music and pop culture; what’s hot, what’s not; and some pretty sweet downloads from the net that are bound to float your boat. Coming to your telly every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4.00pm from 21 September, this 60min show will be hosted by Channel [V]’s Danny Clayton, Billy Russell, Jane Gazzo and Carissa Walford.

Whatever your flavour, you’ll find something here for you. On top of the news of the day, WTF! is where you’ll find artist interviews, performances and music videos, plus album and gig reviews. There’ll be kicka*se competitions, videos fresh from the net and an overload of pop culture goodness to satisfy any vulture.

It’s also the place to indulge in a little bit of gratuitous celebrity news. Here, you’ll find out who’s hooking up, who got dumped and who’s had what they did last night splashed all over the net.

If it broke that day, you’ll find out about it in WTF!. And the best part? You can get involved with the show and give us a piece of your mind – good or bad – through Facebook, Twitter and SMS.

Join Channel [V] every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 4:00pm for WTF! and we’ll see you through to the weekend.


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