Bumped: Good News World

More bad news for Good News World with TEN bumping the show back to a 10:30pm start next week.

More bad news for Good News World with TEN bumping the show back to a 10:30pm start next week.

At 9:30pm TEN has scheduled a repeat of Law and Order: SVU (a new season returns in the US tomorrow).

The revamp of Good News Week from a panel show to a sketch show was an attempt to keep the show on air this year but while it’s had a few laughs (and it’s always fun to have a Paul McDermott song), watching someone like Mikey Robins shift from spontaneous gags to scripted material has been ultimately disappointing.

This week it rated just 330,000 viewers.

What this means for 2012 is unclear given its mention at the recent Programming Launch by TEN was on its present season.

Should the show return in 2012 with its traditional panel mix?

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  1. The old format was around 500,000 to 900,000 would depend upon the guests.

    I think they should have the ld show but have big time comediennes to do the show with, you’d have all these guys around the country and yet none were on the show, silly to me.

  2. Good News World came along because of poor ratings,of Good News Week.No surprise this show is no good either.Paul McDermott and team have been on a very good wicket at Channel 10,should have disappeared years ago

  3. Mister Floppy – I actually found CoW just as interesting if not more than Q&A because you actually got here some opinions – not just fence sitters umming and ahhing and avoiding the question!

  4. The shame is that Ten have lost most of their more intelligent audience to Q&A, thanks to that dreadful Can of Worms. It will take some time for them to drift back to GNW.
    Admittedly, the first episodes of GNW were not up to scratch, but I really enjoyed this week’s show.
    Ten should not mess with the time slot. I’d go earlier, if anything.
    The are persisting with The Renovators and it is certainly failing to entertain or inform.
    Have some balls, Channel Ten. Seriously.

  5. Simple answer, if TEN want the show to continue then it needs to return to the old format to get their viewer ratings back up – but even then it is uncertain as to whether viewers will go back to the show now that TEN have destroyed it.

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