Gone: Top Gear Australia

After next Tuesday night Nine will pull its remaining episodes of Top Gear Australia.

After next Tuesday night Nine will pull its remaining episodes of Top Gear Australia.

Three episodes with Shane Jacobson, Steve Pizzatti and Ewen Page will sit on the programming shelf, probably to air during summer.

Instead Nine will play replays of the UK Top Gear in the 10:30pm timeslot.

On September 20th Nine has the return of Two and a Half Men at 8:30pm followed by The Joy of Sets and the Charlie Sheen Roast.

Producing Aussie episodes was always part of the deal Nine had with the BBC’s rights holders.

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  1. Aw man, I’m in Canada and I liked the show. It saddens me that people would rather (presumably) watch crappy sit-coms. I guess if you’re not into cars then you’d be happy to see it go but for the rest of us, put it on at any hour…. you have a devoted following no matter what the head count.

  2. Would loved to have seen Shane Warne as part of this show as originally touted but I guess powers to be at nine know what’s best and gave him his own show which – oh that’s right………………….wake up nine and stop serving up reheated hash.

  3. One Hour is too long.I remember watching it years ago on BBC World when we had Foxtel in our house 30 minutes is all it needed.Find something else to fill in the time if you must Nine but No CSI,No Eddie Everywhere Hosted Game Shows,No Underbelly and No old 2.5 Men/Big Bang Theory episodes.

    I am thinking they go back to a 30 minute format like the BBC versions do and maybe from scratch put on a fresh new home grown sitcom or two to make up the hour.

  4. It should have been a 7:30pm show all along,Currently with a few exceptions they are flogging off old 2.5 men or Big Bang Theory episodes at the same hour when at least one night a week can be devoted to this.

    This was one of the few shows on The Eddie everywhere network I didn’t mind watching.

  5. Watched the first episode, utter rubbish.
    The preview for the second episode completely turned me off.
    Doing lap times in that crappy ute just makes the show fourth rate.
    The guest driver, what a tool, the add showing the second guest driver in the next episode showed an ever more complete tool.

    Sorry, but this show started off OK (not great) in series one, then went downhill slowly, this series did not go downhill, it just fell off the cliff with no hope of recovery.

  6. The ratings could have been better and possibly even quite solid had Nine treated it right. Tue 7.30 or een Thurs 7.30 would have been good. Nine has only themselves to blame for slotting it 8.30, then 9.30. In fact, they may have been purposely trying to kill it to justify axing it.

    Shame because although not perfect, the latest series had been the best TG Australia so far, having improved enormously.

  7. What a f’g surprise. Of course, it isn’t as good as the original, but I thought that this combination of hosts was the best so far (altho’ I liked James Morrison, too). However Nine’s treatment of this and the original have royally f’kd the brand up and then they’re surprised that it doesn’t rate that well?

    Is it just me or are Nine making more last-minute schedule changes than they were at the beginning of the year? Should I even bother to start watching The Joy of Sets? Ed and Tony must be sweating on how Nine is going to treat their show.

  8. Surprise surprise, it didn’t work Tuesday nights at half-past-gone-to-bed, just as everyone predicted it wouldn’t.

    Hint Nine: Tuesday nights are already *full* of top rating shows on other channels. Yuo’d be lucky to break that market with the UK version, given how poorly you’ve treated its audience so far. Now SBS, they made this show famous by airing it on Saturdays and Mondays at 7:30. Gee I wonder, would that still work? (derp)

  9. Yes Nine killing shows as always!

    What happens if 2.5 Men or JoS doesn’t fire against the Rafters and NCIS?

    I’m not sure what is worse, maybe having the rest of the season in the summer or if they had bumped TG AU to say 10:30? Nine it should have been a 7:30 show all along, Monday where it worked for SBS for years!

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