TV’s 2012 list

Which US shows for 2012 are going to which Aussie networks?

The Sunday Mail yesterday ran a lengthy list of US shows coming to Australia in 2012 (some will even air before that).

Whilst some of this info has been published before I thought it might be of interest to readers.

You can read more about each show at the original article.

NB: The list is not complete.

Good Christian Bitches (drama)
Alphas (action/drama/sci fi)
Against The Wall (drama)
Missing (drama)
Once Upon A Time (drama/thriller)
Revenge (drama)
Scandal (drama)
Strike Back (action/drama)
The River (drama/horror)
Bent (comedy)
Best Friends Forever (comedy)
Free Agents (comedy)
Happy Endings (comedy)
Up All Night (comedy)
Whitney (comedy)
I Just Want My Pants Back (comedy/drama)
Man Up (comedy)

Pan Am (drama)
Charlie’s Angels (drama/action)
Alcatraz (drama/thriller)
Person of Interest (drama/thriller)

Homeland (drama/thriller)
The 2-2 (drama)
A Gifted Man (drama)
The Finder (drama/crime)
How to be a Gentleman (comedy)
New Girl (comedy)

Luck (drama)
Enlightened (comedy)

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  1. This year’s new shows that interest me are Ringer, How To Be A Gentleman, Terra Nova, Person Of Interest, Allen Gregory, New Girl, Touch, Awake, The River and Missing. Awake would be my No. 1 highlight, it would be nice to see it get a reasonable treatment by whichever Australian network obtains the rights.

    PS: The best thing about this list is that Nine has not (yet) obtained any comedy series…

  2. At this stage they are all just names of TV shows. Most comedy won’t appeal to me and depending on how thbe networks treat and promote the other shows I will be lucky if I manage to enjoy one….

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