Celebrity Apprentice whacks Junior MasterChef

Nine's new Celebrity Apprentice got off to a good start with 1.32m viewers for its second half hour, as Junior MasterChef gets swamped.

Nine’s new Celebrity Apprentice Australia got off to a good start with 1.32m viewers last night for its second half hour.

The one hour challenge saw Pauline Hanson, Max Markson, Shane Crawford, Deni Hines and Warwick Capper trying their luck at a car wash for charity (with plenty of cars plugging businesses). Nine even coded the one hour show into two parts with the first half hour Celebrity Apprentice: Launch averaging 1.05m. The elimination of one of the men’s team won’t take place until tonight as part of Nine’s stripped format.

The one hour debut gave a new episode of The Big Bang Theory a strong 1.37m viewers. Numbers dipped at 8:30pm for The Mentalist (996,000). CSI: Miami was 599,000 for its first episode and 446,000 for the second.

Seven News was the night’s top show on 1.37m. Technically Home and Away beat the first half hour of Celebrity Apprentice with 1.12m viewers. The X Factor also won its slot averaging 1.35m viewers followed by Body of Proof (889,000), and Dual Suspects was 302,000.

Best for ABC1 was ABC News on 905,000 followed by Australian Story (881,000), 7:30 (748,000), Media Watch (726,000), Q & A (685,000) Four Corners (622,000).

TEN had to settle for fourth place last night, with The 7PM Project as their top performer on 716,000. Junior MasterChef was down to 679,000 presumably under attack from two reality contenders -beaten too by 7:30. Undercover Boss Australia was 603,000, Law & Order: SVU was 405,000 and Good News World was a dreadful 180,000 -thank goodness for its sketch gags delivering drama points.

SBS had a largely new-look Monday with Housos its best drawcard at 284,000 followed by  William Shatner’s Weird or What? (230,000), World News Australia (230,000), Kill Arman (151,000), South Park (137,000) and Skins (110,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels on 356,000. Supernatural was 176,000, Smallville was 97,000 and Weeds and The Big C were 61,000.

Seven won the night with 30.8% over Nine’s 28.8%, ABC was 17.8%, TEN 17.7% and SBS 4.9%.

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  1. I wasn’t going to watch Celebrity App, I have even taken every chance to deride it before it aired but it sucked me in. Maybe watching train wreck TV can just be for the fun of it, what utter nonsense this show is.Not sure how long I will stick with it but i will watch again tonight.

    There is very good money being raised for charity and we get to see some celebrity tantrums and stupidness.

    Does it sound like i am making excuses for watching it, I guess I am.

  2. If I had the choice between watching a bunch of publicity hungry has-beens and a bunch of precocius spoilt brats learing french cookery,then I’d prefer the publicity hungry has-beens.

  3. @ MuchoTB, “trashy, pathetic, and ridiculous “, sounds like you’re describing half the contestants on X Factor. What ‘One Nation’ did or didn’t do two years ago has nothing to do with Pauline Hansen raising money for charity today.

  4. @MuchoTB

    I think that’s a little unfair. You would be giving her flack if she hadn’t done it and lost that 50k donation to charity. Some people just can not be pleased.

    I liked CA.. at first I thought Ms Hines would be as annoying as her mother but she was really fun and ditto about Julia. Love her.

    How long will Ten persist with Good News World? Come on now it’s just embarrassing.

  5. Good to see Housos get those numbers for 10pm.

    A shame that The Big C can’t get better ratings for the show. However, it is at 10.30pm on a digital channel, so im not expecting big numbers anyway. It’s a great show/

  6. It’s funny how Murdoch said Ten are going to beat Nine. Hahahaha!!!! your joking right, you guys can’t even handle ABC, and probably next year SBS will beat you LOL!!, and you guys will come last!!! and don’t forget Big Brother is coming to Nine Next Year!! and if Big Brother is a success which i think will be, then everyone’s in Danger!!! Especially you Ten!

  7. @Jerome Huh? What an odd comment.

    Biggest Loser did very last year, In Their Footsteps and Minute to Win it did strong numbers and Don’t Stop Believing wasn’t actually made.

    Also, Next Top Model, Dating and the Dark and Location Location are Foxtels highest rating shows.

    please know what you’re talking about before you start slagging people off.

  8. @Kenny, The Boss is Coming to Dinner, Iron Chef Australia, Minute to Win It, The Renovators, The Biggest Loser, Don’t Stop Believing, In Their Footsteps…. groundbreaking stuff. Yes, i’m sure all the other production companies are in awe of them.

    the only thing they would have to hold their heads high over is if they are trying to break some record for amout of expensive flops.

  9. @Kenny Completely agree, Shine are by far the best in the game. All the hits that Fremantle are enjoying were established by the people now running Shine anyway.

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