Gone: William Shatner Roast

Nine's plans to screen the 2007 William Shatner Roast this Sunday night are now out.

Nine’s plans to screen the 2007 William Shatner Roast this Sunday night are now out…

Replaced by a replay of the Prime Suspect (US) pilot episode.

Very strange given Nine has already played two episodes of Prime Suspect so far.

According to its current schedule its playing Episode 4 next Wednesday (skipping number three perhaps?) before it has aired in the US.

Nine no longer sends Amendments so I’m unable to provide accurate information.

Must be a Friday.

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  1. There aren’t many of these roast that I’d want to see. Saw some of the Sheen one, whcih was very topical at the time, but I was (and believe me when I say I’m a hard guy to offend) very offended by the content. Not because it was crude (though it was) not because it was crass (thoug it certainly was) not because the language was foul (I can work blue too, FYI) but because it failed at every juncture to be funny. Sheen is to be commended for Not punching that a**hole Seth McFarlane in the face. I wanted to and I don’t even like Sheen that much. I had to watch some of the Hoff roast. Surely no man alive has left himself open to a vein of more comedy gold that the hoff. If you have not lived in America or watched whatever talent show the hoff is on, there was not much of interest. Hasselhoff is Not to be commended for not punching Mc Farlane in the face. Just because family uy and American Dad are occasionally funny, Dave, don’t hold back, and jump into your (still the coolest car ever) trans Am and go home.

    I’m wrong. One man has done more to make himslef a laughing stock than either of these gents. Perrenial fave and apparent shmuck William Shatner. Witha classier entourage on hand to badger him, I ws very keen to tune in, but given the performnces in the last 2 roasts, and given it was on Channel Ninney, was unsurprised to find that a show I wanted to see would be unavailable, replaced by Prime Suspect, a show so bad I jumped off it’s bandwagon after one episode. Nine, whenyou eventually run out of CSI (since you already shunted CSINY to your other channel) and given that you will probably shift Person Of Interest (aka the Destryer) off to alatenite grave… well, that’ will be cheerio from me. Glad I don’t work for you, I’d be constantly terrified of losing my job because the incompetent managers can’t run a station or take any blame for anything. I get to just turn over to …7… oh. that’s depressing

  2. Nine to me have lost the plot – as info on websites like ours is nothing more than free publicity – and sincerely, Nine need it now more than ever. The amendments help us keep their viewers – their audience, ratings and income source up to date – and without which, we only stumble upon changes when we look at the EPG for Nine, and then can update viewers accordingly. Otherwise, it is the luck of the draw.

    I still, to this day, cannot understand the logic of extreme last minute programming changes, and definitely cannot understand why, should they chose to make such changes, not want to inform everyone they possibly can about them by way of sending out amendments.

  3. Everyone – it’s my fault. Every time I’m feeling extra gullible and start to think that Nine might actually broadcast the same program in the same timeslot, they catch me out with a sudden schedule change.

    I feel like Charlie Brown about to kick a football and the Nine Network is Lucy who always yanks it away at the last minute when I stupidly trust them to not muck things about.

  4. Blooming heck! I spent good time earlier today finding this on my DVD TV guide and programming it to record this (anything later than 9.45 pm on a Sunday is past my bedtime). Gosh channel 9 really sucks. This move has just enforced my opinion of this stupid channel. They have pretty much Nothing on it that I would ever care to watch (apart from the Shatner Roast). And Don’t get me started on that car crash that is “The Joy of Sets”. Watched it twice….. just awful (I know I digress here – I’ve been waiting for David to pan it and pop up a comment then…. still waiting David! Come on!) No redeeming features whatsoever! Writing – bad, content – bad, camera work – appalling – it’s shows like this with production values like that, that make Bad reality TV look good……

  5. Daniel G, do you know if the whole series is available on region 4 (or 0) DVD? That would be great because I’ve enjoyed Nine’s screenings of Charlie Sheen & David Hasselhoff. But maybe Punchline only release them as singles like the Denis Leary one.

  6. Prime Suspect has been on for 2 week, I must have missed that memo, Unforgettable is okay and while it’s been rating well in the US and getting good press it didn’t do so well her last night coming 3rd in the time slot. Maybe instead of showing a movie Nine would be better off re-running shows from earlier in the week or put on something new like the sitcoms that are building up on their shelves?

  7. Thanks David. 🙂

    If true I might watch the Prime Suspect Pilot to see Kirk Acevedo from Fringe (Charlie ) on it. Too bad they couldn’t of repeated Person of Interest Pilot sometime. Or if they did I never found it listed. As I’d watch that as long as it’s not against Fringe, Chuck and The Vampire Diaries .

  8. If viewers do not know what is on, why bother watching that station. Ch9 has been a trainwreck all year and I just sense that their Olympic coverage next year will be a disaster.. Ch7 are doing nothing spectacular they just run some decent & some average shows and keep a fairly stable schedule…amazingly it works

  9. Nine are working on a new amendment for future use. It looks like this:-

    __________________ (insert program name) has been replaced by The Big Bang Theory.

    Nine Programming

  10. Nine are just a bunch of programming Nazi’s who don’t care about the viewer anymore. Last night a 2nd episode of Unforgettable aired and my PVR didn’t pick it up cos Nine coded it as 2 episodes and it was a very very last minute change. Never again will i try to watch a new show coming to Nine as they are just all over the place.

  11. Why do the networks seem so content to keep their schedules under wraps? Nine doesn’t send amendments and Ten’s schedules are filled with TBA. It’s so ridiculous! Sure, they keep the other networks out of the loop, but it seems like they forget about the main people- the viewers! How are we meant to know what’s on when they don’t even tell us! David, you really should be taking a harder line with the networks!

  12. Pity, because it’s a pretty funny roast (apart from Andy Dick). At least this roast is available on DVD locally.
    Why have Nine stopped sending amendments, David? Hope it wasn’t anything personal…

    1. I’m hearing from several sources their strategy on Guides and Amendments has changed in the last month or two. Been around long enough to see all networks make changes to communications and that’s their prerogative. But a recent feature article here showed how these decisions impact on Guides. Hope Nine’s strategy is worth it, not sure we should be shutting down clarity.

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