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Next week ABC3 premieres a new Aussie kid’s series, about a bunch of kids who discover that one of TV’s most popular hosts is actually a robot.

The kids are described as ‘wheeler dealer Jake (Luke Ledger), wannabe starlet Daisy (Ruby Hall) and the seriously feral Kid (Gwy McKenna)’ while the host, Malcom Mann (Geoff Paine) is otherwise known as a Male Artificial Life form.

TV3 producer Holly (Danielle Carter) picked him up cheap at an auction site and reprogrammed him to become the number one star on the number one TV network. Holly’s desperate to keep a lid on TV’s biggest secret so Jake, Daisy and the Kid are prepared to keep quiet, but for a price.

The 13 x 15minute series is produced by Susie Campbell for WA-based Animazing Productions.

It airs Friday, October 28 at 7.10am.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    I do remember this guy when i watched abc when i was a kid. I found him funny it will be interesting whether the current generation of kids find him funny.

  2. This looks awesome. I miss Geoff. I do wish he’d go back to Neighbours for a bit. Good to see Danielle Carter back on the box too. Now, about this timeslot…

  3. ok, i never atched Pig’s Breakfast, my mistake.
    Least they are trying….
    Karl as a robot??? Robots have more expression…..????

    Only kidding, I love Karl 🙂

  4. Ugh, looks like another poor attempt at a humorous Australian TV series for children.

    Not original or fresh at all, there was a similar series (Pig’s Breakfast) shown on Nine in the past.

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