MasterChef 2012 to film in Melbourne

Series 4 of MasterChef will kick off in Melbourne, with episodes to be filmed both in Melbourne and across regional Victoria.

TEN says Series 4 is going to be “all about the food and the stories our contestants can tell, through what they create in the kitchen.”

Executive Producer, Shine Australia, Margie Bashfield said: “MasterChef is all about food – real people, real food and real dreams – and there is no better place for food than Melbourne. We are really excited about being there.”

This will be the second time the show has filmed episodes in Melbourne, home to all three judges, Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.


  1. I’ve been hooked on Masterchef Australia and can’t wait for Series 4. It’s so much more fun than our version and I think gives loads of info on food – it’s great.

  2. Want to change Kate’s name to cake as that is all she cooks pretty much. My favourite winner so far has been a Julie, proof that bakers are underrated! Also was very disappointed that Mike didnt win he was far superior to any of the finalists!

  3. My wife and I love! The best cooking contest show ever. Not like the crap we get here in the US. Aussies, be glad that you have this on the TV. Did you see what a mess they made of the US version? Thank you TEN!

  4. Viewing MC in the UK – it was clear they had too much money to spend from the outset – a helicopter to take the crate off a heap of potatoes for heavens sake! I am not going to comment on the suggestions of bias – it is a TV show after all and the formula means that a bad dish in an elimination means out while poor performance in a team challenge while on the winning team means triumph.
    My biggest irritation was the new editing technique of showing clips of the previous episode at the start, clips of the next episode at the end and bits of the previous segment after every ad break. What would I do without Sky+!

  5. Really liked MC and have to agreed with alot of the comments made thought Ellie was a really terrible cook and Dani. Thought Hayden was very talented chef and can’t believe he was kicked out. Think its way better than watching the MasterChef Uk as they learn on the aussie one.

  6. MasterChef Australia Rocks…the contestants are Way more talented than MasterChef USA…although it would be awesome if they could get Gordon Ramsay on the panel…

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