OzTAM Ratings return to TV Tonight

From today TV Tonight resumes ratings data in keeping with new OzTAM publishing requirements.

This will see a number of changes including:

– new layout
– Network / Channel shares
– Top 20 Free to Air programmes*
– Top 20 Multichannel programmes*
– Top 20 Subscription TV programmes*
– Top 5 in Demos 16-39, 18-49, 25-54*

* Overnight data

As the amount of data per day is now more complex each post will be for a single day only, instead of the former style which was one post per week.

I will be taking note of comments regarding the new-look format to see what fine-tuning can be incorporated, including for Archival purposes. As I find many people are reticent towards change, I would suggest everyone trials things for a while. This is a work in progress for us all…

For shows that rate below the Top 20 (i.e. anything on SBS) look for ratings editorials which have long been part of TV Tonight. But remember, I don’t always file these everyday nor detail every show.

I’m sure most readers are familiar with the recent changes to websites reporting OzTAM data, but I have always been of the view that TV Tonight offers much more than just Overnight ratings -including breaking major stories during the recent non-publication period.

I appreciate your patience during this time, guys.

Ratings: Sunday 13 November 2011


  1. Good news. It’d be great if there was more than the top 20. Especially as they are usually boring and predictable. Oh well. I’m glad you can at least report something and maybe one day it’ll be more expanded. I’ll admit I’m with Secret Squirrel in that I wish there was some sort of weekly page that had all the links or something so people could find things in that week. Also to facilitate discussion over that week in a comments section. I liked that.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    That’s (sort of) good news, David. I agree with others that the Top Twenty won’t give enough of the picture, esp when some programs are separately coded by the networks but it’s better than nothing.

    I hear what you’re saying about people generally being resistant to change (I live in WA so I experience that all the time) but I have already tried the separate ratings posts each day and I have found that they’re not conducive to allowing conversation threads to run over several days, which did occur with the weekly posts (amongst all the one-off comments). So my preference is still for you to append each day’s ratings to a growing weekly article but I’m just one of many here.

    And don’t worry about being seen simply as a source of ratings data. I didn’t start coming here for that and I would still drop in daily even if you had nothing about ratings. You have a good range of articles and besides, how else would I know where programs had moved, altho’ that is less important since I gave up on Go! earlier this year. (Mildly patronising but…) Keep up the good work!

  3. David – what were the ratings for smallville and Bolt? Thanks

    haha, just joking. This will now be interesting to see how many 10 shows can make the top 20… not many I think.

  4. Not that I follow these ratings, but would it not be harder to get a more meaningful overview from daily figures rather than weekly ? – I suppose this was the point

  5. A shame you couldn’t make a ‘swap’ so to speak of some data. IE drop the Demos and Multichannels in exchange for a Top 50 FTA… Sigh. OzTAM suck. I bet you they receive *zero* new clients.

    I am honestly surprised TEN let this go through, because it does limit discussion around much of their programming, particularly with the stripping of shows we might soon end up with only 3-4 shows dominating the top 20 because of the way they’re coded!

    Out of interest are you allowed to answer questions of ratings David? IE if someone says “How did X go on Tuesday” are you allowed to say “X got ##,###” ?

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