Returning: Hot in Cleveland, Harry’s Law

Two shows return to Nine's summer schedule from Monday week.

Hot in Cleveland returns to Nine from 8pm Monday December 5th.

“Bad Bromance”
When Melanie meets her boyfriend’s family, she finds two big obstacles — his mother and his brother. Meanwhile, Joy’s green card scam with neighbour Rick goes awry, Victoria dates an ancient billionaire and Elka goes on a 24-hour bender.

Harry’s Law will also return from 9:30pm the same day.

“Hosanna Roseanna”
Harry, against her better judgment, agrees to defend Eric Sanders, a man accused of savagely killing his wife. She takes the case at the request of Oliver Richard – a hot-shot attorney from the very firm that fired her the previous year. Elsewhere, Tommy Jefferson, forces his way into sharing Harry’s new office space.

Both will replace extra eps of Big Bang and CSI: Miami.

7 Responses

  1. Yeah why are they showing ep 2 from season 2, weren’t they already half way through S2?

    BTW with Harry’s Law I think you’ll find Nine did finally for the final 2 ep in June this year, maybe they didn’t promote them.

    Either way I’m not holding out hope that either show will be around long before being replaced with Big Bang and a CSI again.

  2. Terrific about Harry’s Law!! Rediculous that the remainder of season one was shown in the 11:30pm timeslots (and I think only in certain states). Thank god for non-ratings season when networks don’t care about numbers!

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