Today show ….so good they played it twice

Brisbane viewers got to see the second hour of the Today show twice today, all because of Daylight Saving.

If you were watching the Today show in Brisbane this morning you could be forgiven for thinking it was all a little bit deja vu.

Brissy viewers got to see the second hour of the show twice, from 7-8am and then again from 8-9am.

The bizarre broadcast was the end result of the Daylight Saving time difference on a day when big news broke -the verdict for Michael Jackson’s former physician Conrad Murray.

Both Today and Sunrise ran their shows live into the Brisbane market this morning to take the news (it came at around 8:20 AEDT).

So as Today wrapped in Sydney at 9am, it left Nine in Brisbane with an hour to fill from 8am.

Nine Queensland chose to replay the final hour all over again -which would have been a time-warp back to the time before the verdict…..

Sunrise got around the issue by broadcasting until 10am in Sydney, wrapping at 9am in Brisbane. It also ran live in Adelaide. When The Morning Show ended at 10:30 in Brissy (instead of 11:30am), Seven squeezed in an hour of Dr. Oz.

Sunrise indicates it runs live into other markets only on days of big news (but not Perth).

This isn’t the first time these problems have arisen during Daylight Saving, and it was especially precarious during Queensland’s weather disasters earlier this year.

The battle between the two shows remains tight. Yesterday Today beat Sunrise nationally, but not in Brisbane.

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  1. Why are people making this an issue about Daylight Saving? This could have been solved in Qld if WIN/CH9 showed the Today show (M-F) on both 8 (SD/delayed) and 80 (HD/live) just like they did last year.

    Someone may be able to tell me, but although they said ‘live to Qld from 7am’ at the feed on the bottom of screen, it wasn’t live on their SD channel in regionals. Maybe it was on their HD channel.

  2. Not quiet yet, QTQ9 still coming out of Brisbane, but not for long.
    This was not a playout issue, but rather a breaking news issue dictated by News.
    Being such short notice, what else could they do?
    With networking, daylight saving is a huge headache.
    Really, QTQ should be live, all morning, from 4am with Qantas News, 4.30am to 8am with Today, Kerri Anne from 8am, and Nine Morning News from 10am for Brisbane running 2 hours, with the second hour only for Brisbane from 11am to 12 noon before going back on delay for Ellen.

  3. Anna Bligh conducted a survey a while back, leading people to believe that she was prepared to revisit the idea of Daylight Savings if there was enough support. Surprise, surprise, the majority outcome wasn’t “sufficient” enough for her to pursue the issue (I think it was something like 65% in favour – she was looking for 75% or something ridiculous like that). Very frustrating – it’s daylight by 4:30am here in summer and dark by 7pm!

  4. There’s only one group of people that is at fault here and it’s not the television stations, it’s the 89 MPs of the Queensland Parliament that deny what is best for Queensland: daylight saving.

    Doctors, solicitors, accountants, even real estate agents are obligated by law to act in their client’s best interests. Politicians however face no such regulation and clearly do not act in the best interest of Queenslanders.

    A lack of Daylight Saving isolates Queenslanders, reduces productivity and forces the state to play catch-up with the rest of the eastern seaboard. The lack of daylight saving is very costly to Queensland business and television stations are no exception; extra programming, delaying programming and being forced to make complicated and logistically difficult scheduling is an impost that the media should not be burdened with.

    Join me on Twitter and show your support for Daylight Saving in Queensland, let’s make it the talking point all 89 state MPs cannot ignore.

  5. I hear that Nine Brisbane & Gold Coast are now coming out of their new playout facility in French’s Forest, Sydney. As WIN’s MediaHub has demonstrated before, east coast Nine viewers should expect a lot more of this. That said, MediaHub seems to have settled down now.

    But maybe this wouldn’t have happened at all if Queensland had daylight savings. It’s 2011 – just do it already!

  6. Queensland doesn’t deserve better; their constant refusal to accept the wishes of the south-eastern majority – based on the silly notions of a minority of uneducated farmers in the north – and move to daylight saving shows how much we should ignore them.

    Get your act into gear, legislate daylight savings as per the wishes of the Brisbane and Gold Coast majority, and then you can have a decent television service.

  7. I actually remember, back in summer 2007, Nine decided to air the Today Show live into QLD each day, with a QLD specific half hour at 8am.

    I wonder why they haven’t thought of repeating the experiment, now the breakfast ratings now are a lot closer?

  8. a dedicated news program would air live in all markets, and not from 6-9am for the ratings…but wait their only concern is ratings! and also, if you people on the east coast didnt have your stupid daylight savings we wouldnt have this problem.

  9. Well that’s just dumb, why not just show something else from 8-9, what have they run out of Big Bang Theory eps?

    Or better still just have it was standard practice to run the show an extra how and have it start an hour earlier in QLD, yet another reason just to stick with Sky News which is live no mater where you are.

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