Logie 2012 voting opens

Voting is now open on the 2012 Logie Awards.

TV Week is now accepting votes across 11 Popular categories.

Online voting is available at their website via extensive lists of potential nominees. In recent years these lists have expanded significantly, although they still don’t offer an “Other” if your favourite has been left off the list.

All those individuals eligible for Silver Logies are automatically eligible for the Gold Logie, but if they have been left off the shortlists, they are already out of the running.

If your favourite has already missed out, let us know who it is?

The 2012 Logie Awards will be held at Crown in Melbourne on April 15th and screened on Nine.

Aaron Fa’aoso (Detective Sonny Koa, East West 101)
Aaron Jeffrey (Detective Senior Sergeant Geoff Leyland, Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away)
Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy, Neighbours)
Alex Dimitriades (Harry, The Slap)
Andrew Lees (Chase Gallagher, Rescue Special Ops)
Angus McLaren (Nathan Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
Angus Sampson (Zac Hannigan, Spirited)
Anthony Hayes (Gary, The Slap)
Ashley Zukerman (Michael Sandrelli, Rush)
Axle Whitehead (Liam Murphy, Home And Away)
Ben Schumann (Ed, SLiDE)
Blair McDonough (Matt O’Connor, Winners & Losers)
Blake Davis (Richie, The Slap)
Brendan Cowell (Benny O’Connell, Underbelly Files:The Man Who Got Away)
Brenton Thwaites (Luke, SLiDE)
Callan Mulvey (Brendan “Josh” Joshua, Rush)
Charles Cottier (Dexter Walker, Home And Away)
Christopher Milligan (Kyle Canning, Neighbours)
Conrad Coleby (Wharton Syd Thompson/Dutchy, Underbelly: Razor/Sea Patrol)
Craig Hall (William Bill Mackay, Underbelly: Razor)
Craig McLachlan (Hayden Bradley, Rescue Special Ops)
Damien Bodie (Jonathan Kurtiss, Winners & Losers)
Daniel Amalm (Jordan Zwitkowski, Rescue Special Ops)
Daniel MacPherson (Jack Keenan, Wild Boys)
David Field (Captain Gunpowder, Wild Boys)
David Jones-Roberts (Xavier Austin, Home And Away)
Ditch Davey (SAS Captain Jim Roth, Sea Patrol)
Don Hany (Dr Chris Havel/Detective Zane Malik, Offspring/East West 101)
Eddie Perfect (Mick Holland, Offspring)
Erik Thomson (Dave Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
Felix Williamson (Phil “The Jew” Jeffs, Underbelly: Razor)
Francis Greenslade (Brian Gross, Winners & Losers)
George Houvardas (Nick “Carbo” Karandonis, Packed To The Rafters)
Guy Edmonds (Greg The Gunman Gaffney, Underbelly: Razor)
Hugh Sheridan (Ben Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
Hugo Johnstone-Burt (Fish Lamb, Cloudstreet)
Ian Stenlake (Lieutenant Commander Mike Flynn, Sea Patrol)
Jack Campbell (Big Jim Devine, Underbelly: Razor)
James Stewart (Jake Barton, Packed To The Rafters)
Jay Laga’aia (Elijah Johnson, Home And Away)
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Norman Bruhn, Underbelly: Razor)
Jeremy Sims (Francis Fuller, Wild Boys)
John Batchelor (Wally Tomlinson/Andy “Charge” Thorpe, Underbelly: Razor/Sea Patrol)
John Howard (Tom Jennings, Packed To The Rafters)
John Waters (Darcy Proudman, Offspring)
Jonathan LaPaglia (Hector, The Slap )
Jordan Smith (Andrew Robinson, Neighbours)
Josh Lawson (Michael Sullivan, Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away)
Josh Quong Tart (Miles Copeland, Home And Away)
Kevin Hofbauer (Christian Tapu, Rush )
Khan Chittenden (Frank The Little Gunman Green, Underbelly: Razor)
Kristian Schmid (Robert “RO” Sixon/Alex Barton, Sea Patrol/Packed To The Rafters)
Les Hill (Dean Gallagher, Rescue Special Ops)
Lex Marinos (Manolis, The Slap)
Lincoln Lewis (Bruce Higgs, Underbelly: Razor)
Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton, Home And Away)
Luke Jacobz (Angelo Rosetta, Home And Away)
Luke Mitchell (Romeo Smith, Home And Away)
Marcus Graham (Harvey Ryan, Home And Away)
Matt King (Henry Mallet, Spirited)
Matthew Holmes (Chris “Swain” Blake, Sea Patrol)
Matthew Le Neves (Dr Patrick Reid, Offspring)
Michael Caton (Ted Taylor, Packed To The Rafters)
Michael Dorman (Dan Sinclair, Wild Boys/Blood Brothers)
Morgan Baker (Callum Jones, Neighbours)
Nathaniel Dean (Mick Scanlon, Wild Boys)
Nikolai Nikolaeff (Leo “2Dads” KosovMeyer , Sea Patrol)
Peter Phelps (Vince Marchello, Rescue Special Ops)
Phil Lloyd (Tim Mathieson, At Home With Julia)
Ray Meagher (Alf Stewart, Home And Away)
Richard Brancatisano (Guido Calletti, Underbelly: Razor)
Richard Davies (Jimmy Proudman, Offspring)
Rick Donald (Barney Dalton/Christopher Gilham, Underbelly: Razor/Blood Brothers)
Rob Carlton (Kerry Packer, Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo)
Robert Mammone (Dr Sid Walker, Home And Away)
Rodger Corser (Steve Darling/Lawson Blake, Spirited/Rush)
Ryan Corr (Coby Jennings, Packed To The Rafters)
Ryan Moloney (Jarrod “Toadie” Rebecchi, Neighbours)
Samuel Johnson (Leon Broznic, Rush)
Sandy Winton (Michael Williams, Neighbours)
Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald, Neighbours)
Shane Withington (John Palmer, Home And Away)
Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson, Neighbours)
Stephen Curry (Sam Pickles, Cloudstreet)
Steve Le Marquand (Sergeant Tom Wickham, Underbelly: Razor)
Sullivan Stapleton (Colin McLaren, Underbelly Files: Infiltration)
Toby Schmitz (David McMillan, Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away)
Todd Lasance (Ben McMahon/Quick Lamb/Cam Jackson, Crownies/Cloudstreet/ Rescue Special Ops)
Tom Oliver (Lou Carpenter, Neighbours)
Tony Martin (Tony Gilham, Blood Brothers)

Ada Nicodemou (Leah
Patterson-Baker, Home And Away)
Adele Perovic (Eva Lee, SLiDE)
Amanda Bishop (Julia Gillard, At Home with Julia)
Anna Hutchison (Emilia Fife, Wild Boys)
Asher Keddie (Nina Proudman/Ita Buttrose, Offspring/Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo)
Ashleigh Brewer (Kate Ramsay, Neighbours)
Camille Keenan (Bree Jennings, Packed To The Rafters)
Caroline Brazier (Catherine Bell, Wild Boys)
Catherine McClements (Kerry Vincent, Rush)
Claire van der Boom (Clelia Vigano, Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away)
Claudia Karvan (Suzy Darling, Spirited)
Cornelia Frances (Morag Bellingham, Home And Away)
Danielle Cormack (Kate Leigh/Angela Travis, Underbelly: Razor/East West 101)
Danielle Horvat (Jessica Bird, Sea Patrol)
Deborah Mailman (Cherie Butterfield, Offspring)
Denise Scott (Trish Gross, Winners & Losers)
Ella Scott Lynch (Erin O’Shaughnessy, Crownies)
Emily Iris Robins (Scarlett Carlyle, SLiDE)
Emily Rose Brennan (Black Aggie, Underbelly: Razor)
Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers, Home And Away)
Emma Booth (Rose Pickles, Cloudstreet)
Essie Davis (Anouk, The Slap)
Esther Anderson (Charlie Buckton, Home And Away)
Eve Morey (Sonya Mitchell, Neighbours)
Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart, Home And Away)
Gigi Edgley (Lara Knight, Rescue Special Ops)
Gracie Gilbert (Tammy Lane, SLiDE)
Hannah Marshall (Loretta “Retta” Schembri, Packed To The Rafters)
Indiana Evans (Tatum Novak, Crownies )
Isabelle Stevens (Eileen Leigh, Underbelly: Razor)
Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy, Neighbours)
Jessica Marais (Rachel Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
Jessica Napier (Jude Gleeson, Underbelly Files: Infiltration)
Jodi Gordon (Sally Gilham, Blood Brothers)
Jolene Anderson (Shannon Henry, Rush )
Jordy Lucas (Summer Hoyland, Neighbours)
Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay, Neighbours)
Kat Stewart (Billie Proudman, Offspring)
Katherine Hicks (Heidi Wilson, Rescue Special Ops)
Kym Valentine (Libby Kennedy, Neighbours)
Libby Tanner (Michelle Letourneau, Rescue Special Ops)
Linda Cropper (Geraldine Proudman, Offspring)
Lisa Gormley (Bianca Scott, Home And Away)
Lisa McCune (Lieutenant Kate McGregor/ Margaret Kennedy, Sea Patrol/Blood Brothers)
Lucy Wigmore (Lillian Armfield, Underbelly: Razor)
Lyn Collingwood (Colleen Smart, Home And Away)
Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts, Home And Away)
Marta Dusseldorp (Janet King, Crownies)
Melanie Vallejo (Sophie Wong, Winners & Losers)
Melissa George (Rosie, The Slap)
Merridy Eastman (Donna Mackey, Packed To The Rafters)
Nicole da Silva (Stella Dagostino, Rush)
Pippa Grandison (Mona Woods, Underbelly: Razor)
Rebecca Breeds (Ruby Buckton, Home And Away)
Rebecca Gibney (Julie Rafter, Packed To The Rafters)
Rhiannon Fish (April Scott, Home And Away)
Samara Weaving (Indigo Walker, Home And Away)
Sonia Todd (Gina Palmer, Home And Away)
Sophie Lowe (Connie, The Slap)
Sophie Okonedo (Aisha, The Slap)
Susie Porter (Patricia Wright, East West 101 )
Tammy MacIntosh (Commander Maxine “Knocker” White, Sea Patrol)
Tessa James (Nicole Franklin, Home And Away)
Tottie Goldsmith (Sara Herlihy, Underbelly Files: Infiltration)
Valentina Novakovic (Natasha Williams, Neighbours)
Virginia Gay (Frances James, Winners & Losers)
Zoe Ventoura (Mary Barrett, Wild Boys)

Adam Hills (Spicks And Specks/Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight)
Alan Brough (Spicks And Specks)
Alex Perry (Australia’s Next Top Model/Project Runway Australia)
Andrew Maher (Before The Game)
Andrew O’Keefe (Deal Or No Deal)
Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia Extreme)
Andy Lee (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year )
Anna Gare (Junior MasterChef Australia)
Anthony Field (RSPCA Animal Rescue )
Anthony “Lehmo” Lehmann (Before The Game)
Anton Enus (World News Australia)
Bernard Curry (Beauty And The Geek )
Billy Brownless (The AFL Footy Show/The AFL Sunday Footy Show)
Brian McFadden (Australia’S Got Talent)
Cameron Williams (Weekend Today)
Carrie Bickmore (The Project)
Catriona Rowntree (Getaway)
Charlie Pickering (The Project)
Charlotte Dawson (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Chris Bath (Sunday Night)
Chrissie Swan (The Circle)
Craig Foster (The World Game)
Craig Hutchison (Footy Classified/The AFL Footy Show)
Daniel MacPherson (Dancing With The Stars)
Dannii Minogue (Australia’s Got Talent)
Dave Hughes (The Project / Before The Game)
David Koch (Sunrise)
David Stratton (At The Movies)
Denise Drysdale (The Circle)
Dermott Brereton (Getaway/The AFL Sunday Footy Show)
Dr Chris Brown (Bondi Vet)
Dylan Lewis (Video Hits)
Eddie McGuire (Hot Seat)
Erin McNaught (MTV VJ)
Faustina Agolley (Video Hits)
Fifi Box (Sunrise/Four Weddings)
Garry Lyon (The AFL Footy Show/Footy Classified)
Gary Mehigan (MasterChef Australia/Junior MasterChef Australia)
George Calombaris (MasterChef Australia/Junior MasterChef Australia)
Gorgi Coghlan (The Circle)
Grant Bowler (The Amazing Race Australia)
Grant Denyer (Australia’s Got Talent/Sunrise)
Guy Sebastian (The X Factor Australia)
Hamish Blake (Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year)
Hayley Lewis (The Biggest Loser Australia)
Ian Dickson (Can Of Worms)
James Brayshaw (The AFL Footy Show/The AFL Sunday Footy Show)
Jamie Durie (Top Design)
Janice Petersen (World News Australia)
Jason Dundas (Getaway)
Jenny Brockie (Insight)
Johanna Griggs (Better Homes And Gardens)
Jules Lund (Getaway)
Karl Stefanovic (Today)
Kelly Landry (Getaway)
Ken Sutcliffe (Wide World Of Sports )
Kerri-Anne Kennerley (Kerri-Anne )
Kyle Sandilands (Australia’s Got Talent)
Kylie Gillies (The Morning Show)
Larry Emdur (The Morning Show)
Lee Lin Chin (World News Australia )
Leila McKinnon (Weekend Today)
Les Murray (The World Game)
Lily Serna (Letters And Numbers)
Lisa Wilkinson (Today)
Luke Jacobz (The X Factor Australia )
Luke Nguyen (Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam )
Maeve O’Meara (French Food Safari )
Manu Feildel (My Kitchen Rules/ Dinner Date)
Margaret Pomeranz (At The Movies)
Matt Preston (MasterChef Australia/Junior MasterChef Australia)
Matt White (Today Tonight)
Megan Gale (Project Runway Australia)
Mel B (The X Factor Australia)
Melissa Doyle (Sunrise)
Michael Caton (Hot Property)
Mick Molloy (Before The Game)
Mike Munro (Sunday Night)
Mike Tomalaris (Cycling Central)
Myf Warhurst (Spicks And Specks)
Natalie Gruzlewski (The Farmer Wants A Wife/Getaway)
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (The X Factor Australia)
Paris Cutler (Planet Cake)
Paul McDermott (Good News World)
Paul Vautin (The NRL Footy Show)
Pete Evans (My Kitchen Rules)
Poh Ling Yeow (Poh’s Kitchen On The Road)
Richard Morecroft (Letters And Numbers)
Ronan Keating (The X Factor Australia)
Rove McManus (Rove LA)
Russel Howcroft (Gruen Planet)
Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald (Before The Game)
Sam Newman (The AFL Footy Show)
Samantha Lane (Before The Game)
Sarah Murdoch (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Sarah Wilson (Eat Yourself Sexy)
Scott Cam (The Block)
Shane Crawford (The AFL Footy Show/The AFL Sunday Footy Show)
Shane Jacobson (Top Gear Australia )
Shaun Micallef (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation)
Shelley Craft (Australia’s Funniest Home Videos/The Block)
Sonia Kruger (Dancing With The Stars)
Todd Sampson (Gruen Planet)
Tony Jones (Q&A)
Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair)
Vasili Kanidiadis (Vasili’s Garden )
Wil Anderson (Gruen Planet)
Yumi Stynes (The Circle)

Alexander England (Conrad Fischer, Wild Boys)
Antony Starr (Charlie Lewis, Rush)
Ben Barber (Dr Rhys Lawson, Neighbours)
Bryce Holdaway (Presenter, Relocation Relocation Australia)
Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton, Home And Away)
Daniel Lissing (Conrad De Groot, Crownies)
Jack Pearson (Patrick Gross, Winners & Losers)
James Mason (Chris Pappas, Neighbours)
Luke McKenzie (Lachie Gallagher, Rescue Special Ops)
Matt Boesenberg (John “Snowy” Cutmore, Underbelly: Razor)
Matt Nable (Detective Neil Travis, East West 101 )
Paul Moore (Wes Fitzpatrick, Winners & Losers)
Peter Kuruvita (Host, My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita)
Stephen Phillips (Zach Armstrong, Winners & Losers)
Steve Peacocke (Darryl “Brax” Braxton, Home And Away)
Tom Wren (Dr Doug Graham, Winners & Losers)

Andrea Demetriades (Lina Badir, Crownies)
Anna McGahan (Nellie Cameron, Underbelly: Razor)
Chelsie Preston Crayford (Tilly Devine, Underbelly: Razor)
Demi Harman (Sasha Bezmel, Home And Away)
Donna Hay (Host, Donna Hay – Fast, Fresh, Simple)
Gemma Pranita (Jade Mitchell, Neighbours)
Justine Schofield (Host, Everyday Gourmet)
Laura Dundovic (Host, Dating In The Dark)
Melissa Bergland (Jenny Gross, Winners & Losers)
Sarah Grace (Bridget Gross, Winners & Losers)
Tiffiny Hall (Trainer, The Biggest Loser Australia)
Veronica Morgan (Presenter, Relocation Relocation Australia)
Yalda Hakim (Presenter and video journalist, Dateline)
Zoe Cramond (Emma Mackey, Packed To The Rafters)
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith (Bec Gilbert, Winners & Losers)

Blood Brothers
East West 101
Home And Away
Packed To The Rafters
Paper Giants:
The Birth Of Cleo
Rescue Special Ops
Sea Patrol
The Slap
Underbelly Files: Infiltration
Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away
Underbelly: Razor
Wild Boys
Winners & Losers

AAA (Access All Areas): SplendourIn The Grass
Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight
Art Studio
At Home With Julia
Australia’s Funniest Home Videos
Australia’s Got Talent
Balls Of Steel Australia
Can Of Worms
Colour In Your Life
Deal Or No Deal
Good News World
Gruen Planet
Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year
Hamster Wheel
Hot Seat
Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey
Letters And Numbers
Mastered By Molly: Red Hot Chili Peppers Special
MTV Hits Weekly
Hot30 Countdown
MTV Style
Rove LA
Spicks And Specks
Swift & Shift Couriers
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
The Circle
The Late Nite Show
The Morning Show
The Project
Top Gear Australia
Video Hits

Australia’s Next Top Model
Beauty And The Geek Australia
Come Dine With Me Australia
Dancing With The Stars
Dating In The Dark
Dinner Date
Four Weddings
Freshwater Blue
Junior MasterChef Australia
MasterChef Australia
My Kitchen Rules
Planet Cake
Prank Patrol
Project Runway Australia
The Amazing Race Australia
The Biggest Loser Australia
The Block
The Celebrity Apprentice Australia
The Family
The Farmer Wants A Wife
The One
The Renovators
The X Factor Australia

2011 AFL Grand Final
2011 Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
2011 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
AFL Game Day
After The Bounce
Before The Game
Blinkers Off
Brisbane Hockey
Cycling Central
Footy Classified
On The Couch
One Week At A Time – AFL
One Week At A Time – NRL
Sunday Roast
The AFL Footy Show
The AFL Sunday Footy Show
The Game Plan – AFL
The Game Plan – NRL
The NRL Footy Show
The NRL Sunday Footy Show
The World Game
Wide World Of Sports

Bondi Rescue
Bondi Vet
Border Security: Australia’s Front Line
Christmas Lights Spectacular
Facing The Hangover
Go Back To Where You Came From
Good Business
Highway Patrol
Hot Property
Immigration Nation
Kalgoorlie Cops
Keeping Up With The Joneses
Life At 5
Meet The Ministers
Melbourne Property TV
Recipe For Murder
Recruits Paramedics
RSPCA Animal Rescue
Sami’s Baby
The Force: Behind
The Linke
The Kangaroo Gang: Thieves by Appointment
Tough Nuts
Undercover Boss Australia
Who’s Been Sleeping In My House
Wide Open Road
World’s Strictest Parents
Young Doctors

Bargain Hunt Australia
Better Homes And Gardens
Donna Hay – Fast, Fresh, Simple
Eat Yourself Sexy Australia
Everyday Gourmet
French Food Safari
Fringe Lane
Gardening Australia
Good Chef Bad Chef
Gourmet Farmer
Huey’s Kitchen
Lyndey & Blair’s Taste of Greece
Mercurio’s Menu
My Sri Lanka With Peter Kuruvita
Poh’s Kitchen On The Road
Ready Steady Cook
Relocation Relocation Australia
Selling Houses Australia Extreme
Theatre Thespians
Trinny & Susannah’s
Australian MakeoverMission
Vasili’s Garden
What Nikki Knows

You can vote here.

Voting and competition close February 19, 2012.


  1. Shayne Allinson

    How about less cooking crap and reality TV and allow some Artistic shows on our teleies,such as Graeme Stevensons ‘Colour In Your Life’,the more how to paint and draw shows on tele the better.

  2. I am also wondering why Hamish Michael who plays Richard Stirling in Crownies has not been nominated in the Popular New Talent category, as in my opinion he is very deserving of this award.

  3. @David Knox. Irrespective if there were” too many” uniform based dramas, viewers across the globe watched and liked them. Rescue, rush and sea patrol are well received in the uk and further afield yet tv companies fail to listen to their viewers and keep axing them! In the words of jo horsburgh,” whilst their still going strong”!!

  4. @Nik C we agree completely! Pretty pathetic that all these shows are getting nominations and subsequent awards for being so ‘outstanding’ …but apparently not outstanding enough to continue on tv?? Oh, Australian TV, you realise this effectively says you primarily renew crap, yes?

    Well said @Isiebeau, would be great to see Spirited get a Logie or two.

  5. @ Stan
    I stopped buying TV week long ago because of the constant spoiling of stoylines in both local soaps and US dramas. So I agree that it has little relevance to many!

  6. I realise the ABC are investing in Auyssie drama and 9 and 10 have new dramas in the pipeline but I lookat rhe current Most Popular Drama’s and there are not many being renewed. See my list below:
    Blood Brothers (one off film)
    Cloudstreet (one off mini series)
    Crownies (axed/ not renewed)
    East West 101(axed)
    Home And Away (continuing)
    Neighbours (continuing)
    Offspring (continuing)
    Packed To The Rafters(continuing)
    Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo (one off mini series)
    Rescue Special Ops (axed)
    Rush (axed)
    Sea Patrol (axed)
    SLiDE (unknown renewal)
    Spirited (axed)
    The Slap (one off mini series)
    Underbelly Files: Infiltration (one off mini series)
    Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here (one off mini series)
    Underbelly Files: The Man Who Got Away (one off mini series)
    Underbelly: Razor (another spin-off)
    Wild Boys (axed)
    Winners & Losers (continuing)

    Also why is there not a Drama series and mini series/film category? Isn’t this split for Most Outstanding?

    Networks some of these shows axed were popular and critically respected. I think it is sad there is less continuing drama where viewers invest time and emotion into characters lives!

    • MiniSeries and Telemovies will be eligible in the Outstanding peer-voted categories. Shows always have a life expectancy, so I don’t adhere to the theory we only renew crap. Most of the series that ended were linked by procedural / action (Rush, Sea Patrol, Rescue, City Homicide, EW 101) and there was fatigue over so many uniforms at once. Underbelly will chalk up 5 seasons next year and still rating well.

  7. I think RSO should get some recognition. I know you Australians will disagree but it has a growing fanbase in the uk,Ireland and us/ Canada via the Internet just a shame channel 9 didn’t see that. Also Andrew lees is a great actor and will go far.

  8. John from Sunny Coast, count me as another moron who still buys TV Week! I’d be lost without David Stratton’s excellent Free-To-Air & Pay television movie reviews & star-ratings. Because of that, I guess I’m another one of those brainless readers who need to keep up with all the latest Home & Away/Neighbours gossip.

  9. David is it true that a network can only submit a certain number of people or programs for each category? Seems a bit silly when SBS and ABC have so many documentary and light entertainment programs. Again it’s ridiculous not to have a popular comedy program.

  10. All the cast from ”Swift and Shift Couriers” and ”Housos” are ommitted too from the acting catergories.

    Barry Cassidy is once again not listed for Presenter (for his roles on Insiders and Offsiders). Speaking of Offsiders, it hasn’t been listed for Sports Catergory once since it began in 2005. A shame really

    @ Tim – i agree with you. I don’t know why sporting coverage is now included into the Sports Program section. I find it strange too. I’m happy though to see Cycling Central and it’s host Mike Tomalaris listed or a change

    No Ben Elton anywhere? Boo hoo! 😉

  11. Pffft Logies, what a meaningless award and an embarrassment for the industry. When’s the AFI Awards. They have some prestige to them. Logies are pathetic. It was already that way, but then Karl won a Gold and well that killed the last bit of dignity the Logies had

  12. Hamish Michael as Richard Stirling, Andrea Demetriades as Lina Badir in Crownies both missed out on new talent & Popular categories! Both deserved a New Talent option!!

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