Returning: Carols in the Domain

Natalie Barr will join Grant Denyer to host Carols in the Domain for Seven this year.

Natalie Barr will join Grant Denyer to host Carols in the Domain for Seven this year.

Appearing are Georgie Parker, Hugh Sheridan, Damien Leith, Reece Mastin, The Wiggles, Paulini, Tania Doko, David Campbell and Melinda Schneider. More performers will also be announced over the coming weeks.

“I am over the moon to be co-hosting the Carols this year,” said Natalie Barr. “I’ve always loved the Carols. Twenty years ago, when I first moved to Sydney, I’d go with girlfriends and we’d sit up the back with some food and a nice bottle of chardonnay, enjoying the amazing music and spectacular sea of lights. For the last 10 years, I’ve gone with my husband and two boys. For me, Christmas begins with the Carols. It’s a magical event.”

Denyer adds, “Nothing is more magical than the spirit of Christmas and being part of a show that has 29 years of tradition is such a fantastic experience. I have always said that the Carols experience even softens the hardest of men.”

The Salvation Army OASIS Youth Support Network will receive all the funds from the sale of official candle bags at the event.

Saturday, December 17, at 8.30pm on Seven.

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  1. worst carols in the domain ever, its an insult to be called carols in the domain, hardly any carols and mainly american Christmas songs, if you going to sing christmas songs make it rel event to Australia not America.
    only 3 good carols were sun g

    hang your head in shame channel 7 that is false advertising, not Christmas carols at all

  2. Why Michael Buble? He’s not Australian! There are plenty of Australian born artists who are fantastic performers and will draw a better response than any overseas artist. I have nothing against Michael Buble but would rather see the pay cheque go to a local. I’m not watching!!!!

  3. I was born in Melbourne in 1970 and my parents took me to see Carols by Candlelight live in 1973. Two weeks later, I moved to SA to live with my parents. I saw Carols by Candlelight again in 1982 on TV and have watched it every year since. I did not see the show from 1974 to 1981 due to the TV stations in country SA (I lived in Whyalla) due to the fact that the ABC and GTS/BKN did not offer it for broadcast to us. I do prefer this to the Sydney show. But I have watched the Sydney show since 1994 though and on occasion the Sydney show has in my opinion has surpassed the Melbourne one.

  4. Johnson says:
    December 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm
    @Moanique in Brisbane: yes, Jack Vidgen will be performing, according to an ad in yesterday’s Sun-Herald (also a Carols in the Domain sponsor).
    What page is this on?

  5. Carols by Candlelight has a bit more class then The Domain , Karl and Lisa do such as great job , with that being said , I don’t know why people find Denyer annoying , I think he can host a program with such ease .

  6. I wasn’t going to say anything, but i just knew someone would make it a competition. So what if CBC is older? How does that make it more about Christmas than the other? Is it another Syd vs Mel thing?

  7. @stevie it has never been a kochie and mel thing as far as I know. It has been grant for the last few years. Last year with kylie gillies the few years before with kate ritchie. Before than I know Andrew Daddo was the male host with a few other females including jennifer hawkins. Nine have done the Karl and Lisa thing the last few years.

    Love Christmas so I love Carols.

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