Airdate: Breakfast

TEN has confirmed its new Breakfast show will launch at 6am on Monday 27 February.

The date is the same as one that that co-host Paul Henry gave to a New Zealand journalist in early December.

“Apparently it’s a big deal in Australia to keep program start dates under wraps. I won’t blow the launch date for Breakfast again, promise,” he has since said.

Henry will be joined by Andrew Rochford, Kathryn Robinson and Magdalena Roze.

The show is described as ‘spontaneous, fresh, provocative and fun’ and will take on Sunrise, Today and ABC News Breakfast.

Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery says: “Breakfast is a tough, competitive environment and we can’t wait to get into the game. Already, the opposition is taking cheap pot shots – I couldn’t be happier that they’re taking us so seriously, so soon.

“We plan to make Breakfast a must-watch part of Australia’s day. From fact to fun, it’s going to be a fresh start to the morning TV schedule.”

TEN describes the team as ‘the newest kids on the block, but they have been chosen for their unmatched dynamic, wealth and breadth of expertise, journalistic experience and wit.’

Network TEN has previously said it sees the new show as being in for the long haul in the tough morning environment.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    That image looks completely staged not real at all. If i do bother gettting up early in the morings if i do end up watching this it will be because of the Women on the show, Magdelina Rose is sexy and so is Cath Robinson again only for the eye candy thats all.

  2. I don’t think Paul Henry is that bad, from some clips on YouTube he can be a bit of a ponce but he seems to be decent enough at interviewing and presenting.

    Some have concerns that Paul Henry will e controversial..I reckon it’ll be the opposite. ‘Breakfast’ may turn out to be rather dull, unable to differentiate itself enough from Sunrise or Today.

    Sorry for any typos, this is coming from an iPhone and I’ve had a few beers

  3. Hopefully there is a reason they have gone with four hosts….so when everyone hates PH…he will get the axe.

    We can only hope…the guy looks like an absolute tosser and and no place on Australian TV.

  4. Put it this way Sunrise will always be the one i watch but if i were to make a choice between Today and Breakfast i would choose Breakfast because Karl “the tool” Stefanovic is on Today and never liked him. Who knows Breakfast might surprise everyone. Will at least try it one morning in the future.

  5. I thought everyone has been a bit tough on Paul Henry so i decided to youtube him to see what he is like. Ten have made the biggest mistake ever. He is just not likeable. He might be a big star in NZ but it is a bit like us selling vegimite to the Americans.

  6. I’m interested enough to give it a try. Each of the current offerrings have their weak points. None are compelling viewing for me. I hope this will be.

  7. Won’t be watching. Just because of Paul Henry. What idiot decided to hire him and thought it was a good idea? As i’ve said before, it’s a shame they hired Henry because Andrew Rocford and Kathryn Robinson are both great picks and i’d prob be interested in watching the show with just them on. Ten stuffed up again. If they axe him i might reconsider, but the show will prob be axed before then.

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