Gordon Wood acquittal at odds with TEN telemovie

With Gordon Wood being cleared of the 1996 murder of Caroline Byrne, where does that leave the telemovie A Model Daughter: The Killing Of Caroline Byrne?

TEN aired the Screentime production (pictured) in 2009, with a cast including Garry McDonald, Cariba Heine and David Lyons as Wood.

Wood was convicted of his girlfriend’s murder in 2008 but acquitted last week after a court could not rule out a possible suicide.

The telemovie was told from the viewpoint of Byrne’s father (McDonald) who remained vigilant in trying to convince police his daughter had not suicided.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Wood’s solicitor Michael Bowe may now pursue Network TEN for defamation.

“I wrote to (Network TEN) to tell them that – “mate that’s what they’d be chasing and that’s what someone will have to cough up”.

Sunday Night‘s Mark Llewellyn said his program was “in discussions” in regard to securing the sit-down.


  1. An appeal… is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court. -Finley Dunne.
    A jury of 12 say “guilty”, an appeal to 3 other people who say “not guilty”. No doubt only one person knows for sure.
    Yes, as Lisa says, the movie was factually correct when it was aired.
    “The Perfect Husband” is a very similar case in point.

  2. This is the same position Nine finds itself in with the telemovie “Blood Brothers” which was shown, I think, in 2011. I canlt remember the accused’s name, but he was convicted of stabbing his parents and brother and then he got off this year or late last year. He claimed all along that the brother was guilty. There’s been no talk of him suing Nine, but both these telemovies will never be seen again.

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