More Circle sponsors quit, threats against Yumi Stynes.

Reaction to comments on The Circle continues to attract attention despite an apology from Yumi Stynes and TEN.

More sponsors have quit The Circle in the wake of comments last week on the show about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith.

Multivitamin group Swisse ended its association late last week, but has since been followed by Mirvac Hotels and Resorts, and coffee chain Jamaica Blue via Foodco. There are also reports that Yoplait will join them. BIG4 Holiday Parks has also stopped advertising its giveaway of a new Mitsubishi, but the contest itself must legally continue.

“We fully understand and respect the decision by some sponsors to stop their involvement with The Circle,” TEN said in a statement.

“Network TEN has publicly apologised to Ben Roberts-Smith for the inappropriate and unnecessary comments made on The Circle last week.

“Yumi Stynes and George Negus have apologised on-air and have also contacted Ben directly to apologise. Ben accepted their apologies and said, in a statement, that he understood their comments were not intended to be malicious.”

Co-host Yumi Stynes has also been subjected to online abuse.

A TEN spokesman said he was aware of the comments, which had been made on Facebook, Twitter and alterations to Stynes’ Wikipedia page.

“We are concerned about the extreme nature of some of those comments and are monitoring them very closely,” he said.

“We are removing the most offensive comments from The Circle sites.”

Whether some sponsors are using the incident to abandon the show due to softer ratings following the exit of Chrissie Swan and Denise Drysdale, is unclear.

Swisse ambassador Sonia Kruger now co-hosts Nine’s rival show Mornings.

Source: The AgeHerald Sun

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  1. I am proud of the responce by many australians . I think ten should sack Negus and Stynes.
    I find it disgusting that Stynes is trying to hide behind her race. No one is criticising her because of her race or gender. Negus is a white male and he is coping it too. I wouldn’t be suprised if half the so called racist comments are from circle staff trying to drum up some sympathy for Stynes

  2. An amazing storm in a teacup. Good God if they want to hear something shameful and get angry they just need to check out Rush Limbaugh’s latest cup of vileness. That’s the sort of commentary to get upset about!

    The Circle comments don’t even register on the Kyle-o-meter!

  3. What is going on here, how have we become such a state. Whilst, like others, I agree the comments shouldn’t have been said. But they were. From what I saw there was no malicious intent, no attack on his armed services career. This has polarised so much more than what the original issue was. Again, as others have said, why can’t the apologies be said and dealt with and moved on. Perhaps get him on the show and talk about it all? And then… move on. Life doesnt have to be this difficult!

  4. @goatracer – Many of the comments allowed through on the Herald Sun and other various news.com.au pieces are full of bile and hate that I’m surprised there actually is a moderator there.

    I think it was possibly Media Watch and The Chaser guys have brought up stories on many of the comments that get posted there. Sometimes it just seems like a massive breeding pool of hate about everything.

    Anyway I’m personally not a fan of Yumi (nor is the Circle my fave show – was so bummed Hey Hey didn’t get the Logie when The Circle did), but it really is strange that many of the comments being made against Yumi are much worse than anything she said. It does seem like some wait for a reason to spew forth built up race, gender and hate issues.

  5. I think the sponsors are just using this excuse to pull out because the show isn’t doing very well, you watch Swisse will be advertising on Mornings any moment now.

    Also the whole fact she is a woman and Asian is why racist and misogynist people are going after her.

    Say she made those comments about footballers or just your regular army reserve guys, there would be hardly any uproar but because this guy was a Corporal (who another network choose to use those images of him without his shirt on- effectively using it as a way for people to tune in) all hell broke lose

    And the comments Negus made about not good in bed wasn’t because of the IVF but the fact he had a body like that (whether it be steroid induced or not)

  6. I would like to know just how much influence the editorial side of the Herald Sun has in it’s vetting of comments because if you are to believe the Sun the entire state of Victoria thinks she is the sucubus.

  7. Yeah, this really is being blown out of total proportion. Unless it is a job to be a professional hater and complain about everything wanting everyone to be sacked and everything to be taken off air?

    As some have said those like Alan Jones and so on have said much, much worse.

  8. Its getting ridiculous and I really hope Yumi doesn’t quit over this. She did look really tired on Monday and not her usual self. The circle needs to get rid of colin males (female only show) and get some permanent funny ladies quick smart.

  9. Get over it! This is seriously so extreme, the issue is over. Move on! Yumi is fabulous, shes said sorry, this issue has already been laid to rest. Move on people! Theres bigger issues out there!

  10. @Paul Mall As many have said before, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith accepted their apology and like others have said that should be it. And like others have said why can Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt and Kyle Sandilands get away with much much much worst and not utter a word of apology to those they target.

  11. @Paul Mall just because someone does something honourable, doesn’t mean no one has the right to speak of them negatively. I don’t know personally know Ben Roberts-Smith and no one should tell me if I should or shouldn’t respect him. It’s a decision that we should make individually.

    He saved lives, but he has had no impact on my life. We all respect different people and we all have different opinions on war and the armed forces. I for one, don’t endorse either.

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