More Circle sponsors quit, threats against Yumi Stynes.

Reaction to comments on The Circle continues to attract attention despite an apology from Yumi Stynes and TEN.

More sponsors have quit The Circle in the wake of comments last week on the show about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith.

Multivitamin group Swisse ended its association late last week, but has since been followed by Mirvac Hotels and Resorts, and coffee chain Jamaica Blue via Foodco. There are also reports that Yoplait will join them. BIG4 Holiday Parks has also stopped advertising its giveaway of a new Mitsubishi, but the contest itself must legally continue.

“We fully understand and respect the decision by some sponsors to stop their involvement with The Circle,” TEN said in a statement.

“Network TEN has publicly apologised to Ben Roberts-Smith for the inappropriate and unnecessary comments made on The Circle last week.

“Yumi Stynes and George Negus have apologised on-air and have also contacted Ben directly to apologise. Ben accepted their apologies and said, in a statement, that he understood their comments were not intended to be malicious.”

Co-host Yumi Stynes has also been subjected to online abuse.

A TEN spokesman said he was aware of the comments, which had been made on Facebook, Twitter and alterations to Stynes’ Wikipedia page.

“We are concerned about the extreme nature of some of those comments and are monitoring them very closely,” he said.

“We are removing the most offensive comments from The Circle sites.”

Whether some sponsors are using the incident to abandon the show due to softer ratings following the exit of Chrissie Swan and Denise Drysdale, is unclear.

Swisse ambassador Sonia Kruger now co-hosts Nine’s rival show Mornings.

Source: The AgeHerald Sun

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  1. Really they need to step back and take a moment to think, it was a bad joke, she apologized and that was accepted by Ben.

    I can’t help but think there is more going on her they we’re being told. Maybe the last line in your story is close to the mark David?

  2. Excuse me. Excuse me just a minute. I can’t believe what I’m reading in these comments. Channel 10 should sack Yumi immediately.

    Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith put his life on the line for this nation. For You! Do you know what that means? Do you?

    It means you don’t get to make fun of Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith. Ever. Even if you’re not impugning his integrity or valour. Even if you’re still immensely grateful for his service.

    So the next time you feel like taking potshots at his not incalculable tattoos or his captivatingly 100 percent heterosexual physique, don’t, just don’t. You don’t have the right. And you’re not good looking enough.

    When Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith wants to be made fun of, he’ll call that salad shooter Corporal Mark Donaldson. No one else. Show some respect.

  3. those trolls are being more offensive than what yumi said so what cowards they are. I feel sorry for Yumi, I suppose her main worry at the moment would be her kids and the crap they must be hearing about there mum at school.

  4. Why wasn’t there an outcry when this whole thing started, for a Soldier happy to have himself served up as a piece of meat on the show to be purved on. He was happy with that, people were happy with the slant the show took for the most part about same in the segment on the show(SN). No outcry at all.
    I don’t particularly like YS but why is she solely coping all this, there should be equal guff out there about George Negus, moreso, he of the two should definitely of known better.
    Why isn’t this all yesterday’s ooops for all concerned now. Sponsors need to get over themselves, they were happy to be involved with The Circle before this, they are just looking childish now.
    What should most concern people about all this, is the ‘ugliness’ that exist out in society, that is just waiting for it’s next victim to maul, over things like this or similar that come up.

  5. I do think these sponsors are using this ‘controversy’, all of which lasted 2 seconds, to ditch the show’s low ratings. The Circle would have to more than double its audience to be the second most watched morning show, let alone #1.

  6. @ Mr. J…..I understand if you are in public life…you have to expect some barbs…but this does not include death threats…racial vilification and terrifying that persons family…un Australian and just plain not on….the punishment does not fit the crime.
    And I agree with ‘Goatracer’….the companies pulling out could also find they are facing a backlash…rather than a pat on the back…
    The act was thoughtless…but all parties have shaken hands and moved on…

  7. The continuous complaints and abuse towards Stynes and those that sponsor The Circle really does show the level of those who are making such complaints when it has come to this stage. It’s not worth bothering about such a trivial show like The Circle anyway that hardly anyone watches.

  8. My goodness, people need to get over it!

    As for the sponsers, looks to me like they were just looking for an out anyway..

    I agree, the show hasn’t been the same without Chrissie and Denise, but it’s still entertaining.

    Some of the things I have read online towards Stynes have made my skin crawl, it saddens me to think there are people out there who think this way. It’s ironic the things they are saying – they’re much worse than what was originally said by Yumi.

  9. I’m also thinking that maybe these sponsors wanted an excuse to end their contract early due to the low ratings and are using this as a reason to leave.

    @kitkat very good point. Kyle gets away with way too much.

  10. This really is contemptible behaviour by these companies and the storm in a teacup reactions seem to be made worse by the media not letting go, I for one found what they said to be an extremely misguided attempt at humour and nothing more.
    I also believe there will be a lot of consumers such as myself that will no longer support their products because of Their narrow minded behaviour.

  11. In a month’s time everyone will be over this and it will be old news

    I couldn’t care less about The Circle and I bet 99% of people in this country couldn’t give a rat’s ass either and wouldn’t even know who Yumi Stynes is

    judging from the ratings, this is especially true

  12. I am over it, but it doesnt surprise me that others arent. the original comments were pretty bad. Ten are kidding themselves if they thought an apology was going to make it just go away.

    @kitkat, politicians, reality stars, celebrities are in a different thing. they put themselves in the spotlight, offending them is fair game if they cant stand the heat they shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

    Its a different game when it is someone like Ben Roberts-Smith. Kyle and Alan have been held on the same plate as Yumi in the past when they were in this situation.

  13. I saw Monday’s show and Yumi looked awful. She looked like she hadn’t slept for days, poor thing. This is nothing like the Kyle (I’m out of control again) fiasco from last year regarding the female journalist spray. Sponsors are now being stupid and kneejerk. It was a mistake and they apologised and probably meant it, unlike somebody else I could mention….

  14. This is just going too far… It’s a dead issue! All sides have made an amends, why are people still complaining? This isn’t a Kyle Sandilands situation where the man just keeps making horrible remarks. This is a so-far one off mistake. There really is no need to keep campaigning against them. It seems some people are so bored that they have nothing better than complain. Social media complaining can be too powerful at times

  15. This is just getting ridiculous.

    They tried to be funny and failed horribly, not realising how insulting what they were saying was.

    They apologised; it was accepted by Roberts-Smith: everyone involved has moved on.

    The bandwagon has passed – yet sponsors are still trying to jump on it, in the attempt to appear proactive when it comes to listening to concerns.

    It’s an over-reaction, and an attempt to use it to raise awareness of their brand.

    “Look! We listen! They made fun of a VC Soldier; we dropped them. Aren’t we the best?? :)”

    It’s the new “thing” within sponsorship – any perceived slight that reaches enough awareness is now seen as a marketing opportunity to demonstrate the brand’s willingness to do what their consumers are asking of them.

    It’s an excellent sword when wielded correctly – unfortunately, when used too often it’ll blunt its’ effectiveness to the point where nobody cares any more.

    “Another sponsor dropped them? That’s nice.”


  16. Talk about an over reaction, seriously, people have apologised and that’s been accepted. I suspect the companies are using this as an excuse to back out of a show which is not rating so well.

  17. Interesting, I was surprised by Jamaica Blue as they had this little coffee shop house studio that they used to have the guests s.t at before they came on.

    I think The Circle really is missing Chrissie. I still watch the show when I can but I think they really need a third regular to add a bit of stability.

  18. Probably going to regret this, but the backlash against the comments made on The Circle is way over the top. Yes, they were stupid and thoughtless and should never have been said. They have apologised, Ben Roberts-Smith has accepted it. Yumi Stynes and her children are being physically threatened and racially vilified.
    Yet Kyle has gotten away with offensive and derogatory comments for years. Alan Jones used threatening language towards the PM. And barely a fraction of the uproar.
    I can’t help but feel that the difference was that their comments were made towards women. And that’s pretty much accepted as normal by too much of society.
    But dare question a man’s virility?

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