Airdate: Good News Week: The Final Farewell Tour

TEN will air a Good News Week farewell, filmed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Next week TEN will air a special, Good News Week: The Final Farewell Tour, which was filmed yesterday at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

The two hour special features Paul McDermott, Claire Hooper and Mikey Robins and ‘a police line-up of our most wanted guests.’

It will air at 6:30pm Saturday April 28 on TEN (7:30pm Melbourne).

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  1. I miss this show.It sucks on my Monday Night off from work there’s nothing between 8:30 and 10pm worth watching.These days It’s NCIS and Hawaii 50 which just doesn’t compare unless you are really into that kind of show.

  2. Would love to see a local attempt at Have I Got News For You. Maybe Sam Pang and Rod Quantock as team captains, with Peter Berner as host?

    Could well be awful, but at least worth a shot.

  3. So they’re axing a clever, witty show to make way for crap like Lara Bingle, the Shire and Come Date With Me (which are about as interesting as they are original)? Makes sense.

    The only reason GNW was doing such crap numbers last series was because of the format change. I’m so sad about this 🙁

  4. Yet another good show royally f***ed up by Ten. They only have themselves to blame for the dire position that they’re in. Oh, that’s right – the “bold, irreverent, fresh, innovative and noisy” Lara Bingle is going to save them.

  5. When Paul mentioned that it was the ‘final ever’ Good News Week on The Project Friday night, I didn’t want it to be true. I wanted so much more if it returned to it’s original format.

    I was then afraid it wasn’t to be televised, but at least I know now it will be. Phew.

  6. I miss GNW, they screwed up the last season so badly I didn’t bother watching it. Wish they would just return to the original format as this is one of the few shows I watched after to was poached from the ABC.

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