Is this the end for Tangle?

On Sunday night Showcase will air the season finale for Tangle, amid concerns the show may not get a renewal.

The acclaimed drama starring Justine Clarke, Catherine McClements, Kat Stewart and Matt Day has enjoyed three seasons of taut, frequently-vulnerable storylines following two generations in the Kovac and Williams families.

The final episode packs a punch, watch out for a dynamite performance from Catherine McClements. But will the ending leave fans satisfied….?

Often in the case of drama productions, producers are left to tackle a finale never quite knowing if it’s the last hurrah or whether they will get another green light. Such limbo makes it very hard to write.

Tangle has certainly been a quiet achiever, winning AFI, ASTRA and Australian Directors Guild awards and been nominated at the Logies.

With Showtime spending $13m on Cloudstreet last year observers consider the third season was very lucky to see the light of day, but it returned at 6 episodes, now totalling 22.

Production sources tell TV Tonight they are unsure if a fourth season will get the go-ahead, particularly with the changing face of Pay TV ownership and the looming outcomes of the Convergence Review.

Asked about a future for Tangle, a Showtime spokesperson told TV Tonight, “Officially -nothing confirmed yet.”

There have also been rumours that Showtime might pick up axed drama Spirited, but there is still no word if this may proceed, while actors Claudia Karvan and Rodger Corser are busy with producer John Edwards on Puberty Blues for TEN.

Without production on either project, Showtime will be without any current Australian drama projects on the table.

Tangle ends 8:30pm Sunday on Showcase.


  1. Oh no! I Love this show, i hope it gets a 4th season. Unfortunately have to wait till it comes out on DVD to see the 3rd season. Will be a pity if not renewed!

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