Missing: Matt LeBlanc in Episodes

It’s high time to send out the search party for Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc.

Nearly two years ago Nine promised the show would be fast-tracked to us. At the very least it should have hit our screens over a year ago.

Here is a timeline of events that demonstrate ongoing problems with Australian viewers seeing the show…

June 2010: Nine announces 5 new US comedies, including Episodes, to be fast-tracked from the US  in 2010 and into 2011.

January 2011: Episodes premieres in USA.

March 2011: Episodes renewed in USA.

August 2011: Nine Spokesperson tells TV Tonight, Episodes and Mr Sunshine are still planned for 2011.  Stay tuned.”

September 2011: Emmy nominations for Matt LeBlanc.

January 2012: Matt LeBlanc wins Golden Globe Award.

July 2012: Season 2 to premiere in USA.


  1. @hannigans_heroes – Episodes was always meant to be just 7 eps in the first season, the 2nd only have 9 eps. It’s a lame excuse to say they haven’t aired it because it’s on had 7 eps. What about other short season shows (mostly from the UK) that air on TV here all the time, they don’t wait for them to make 2 or 3 seasons worth of eps so the can show them for a few months. Besides knowing Nine they would probably ‘rest’ this show after 5 eps, leaving 2 hanging anyway.

    No Nine is just lazy and still thinks it’s the early 90s and people don’t have other options when it comes to TV shows not aired here!

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