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Seven is launching a new children’s show hosted by former Saturday Disney presenter, Jack Yabsley.

Seven is launching a new children’s show, Match It, hosted by former Saturday Disney presenter, Jack Yabsley.

The studio game-show sees teams of Year Six school-kids using touch-screen technology and smartphone-style icons to match up multiple-choice answers to an array of questions – from pets to pop culture, sport, space and beyond.

As each player steps up to their touch-screen pod, they’ll race against the clock – and their opponents – to drag and drop image and text icons to make correct matches. It might be landmarks to national flags – singers to songs – first names to faces…the list is endless!

Each half hour episode sees four different rounds – Four In Your Face. Tag Team. Flash-Match and the nail-biting Mega-Match – with the successful team up for the chance to play for the title of weekly winner. The series’ top eight teams will then battle it out in finals week for the chance to become ‘Match It’ champions and win a fantastic prize for their school!

Begins 4pm Monday June 4th on Seven.

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  1. Linkin-Phoenix, the show you’re thinking of was called A*Mazing, hosted by James Sherry. One of my favourite shows as a kid!

    I actually came into this article to make the comment that kids’ game shows just don’t seem to be what they used to. Shows like A*Mazing, Time Masters and Challenger were lots of fun to watch. Shows today just have no imagination.

  2. I think kids are too distracted by DVD’s and video games to really latch onto a show like this these days which is a shame. Props to 7 for trying, they’ve always had a knack for this kind of show.

    There was one in the 90’s I really enjoyed (I was the target demographic but anyway.) It was a spelling show and the kids had to run a maze to collect the letters to words afterwards, I wish I remember what it was called.

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