Hugh Sheridan signs network deal with TEN

The announcement of Hugh Sheridan as host of I Will Survive has led to speculation about his role in Packed to the Rafters.

Today Hugh Sheridan tweeted that he would be continuing to appear in the hit Seven series.

“Not leaving, I will be in (series) 5 and 6, promise.”

But in a coup for TEN and his own career, he has signed a network deal that will see him exit the Seven camp. He was not under a network deal with Seven.

“He is on a network deal with TEN and Season 5 of Rafters has finished production,” a spokesperson told TV Tonight this afternoon.

“We have allowed him to be in a limited number of episodes for Season 6.”

The signing of Logie-winning Sheridan is certainly a coup for TEN under new CEO James Warburton.

In an earlier statement, Warburton said: “Hugh is an immensely talented young man and signing him to TEN and this project underlines our commitment to reinvestment in content and securing the best people for all our shows.

“His arrival at the network is one of a number of key talent announcements we plan to make in the coming months.”

While Sheridan will host I Will Survive, which begins filming later this month, having a network deal opens the door for other vehicles, which would have undoubtedly been hard to resist for the young actor.

“Absolutely. With a network deal with anybody we’d love to pursue other opportunities with them,” said the spokesperson.


  1. The talent show hunt for Priscilla will probably flop as it is a very nichey, acquired taste style of music and performance and also, potential viewers will be fatigued by all the talent shows that will precede it this year – The Voice, AGT and X-Factor.

    The best young actors on Rafters have already left – Jessica Marais and the fellow who played the other brother. Hugh is not in their league, acting talent wise, but his departure will probably hasten the demise of the show. Plotlines have been lacklustre and boring for the last two seasons and the remaining young actors on the show are unappealing and not very good. Thompson and Gibney can’t carry the show by themselves, so show may well wrap within a season or two.

  2. Im a little disappointed that he has left. Unfortunately think this show may be a flop and once the show finishes what does he do next? I guess the states.

    Well Im still a rafters fan but unfortunately this will kill it. The 2 main stars are gone in Jess and HUgh.

    I always thought when Rafters ended that all the characters would come back. Its been a good 5 seasons though. Most aussie dramas dont last that long.

  3. I dont watch the show but I have no doubt that 7 would be worried with the ratings.

    I also think they will be worried Winners and Losers might have the same fate.

    As for 9 who are doing that copy of it well good luck to them ! haha

  4. No great loss, he’s a terrible dramatic actor, one of the weakest on Rafters (just behind George Houvardas). Hopefully, he’ll do better as a host.

  5. Good move. Packed To The Rafters is on its way out anyway judging by the lacklustre storylines in recent episodes. That sparkle has long left PTTR and it shows in the ratings. He can only do good things for Channel 10…..

  6. daveinprogress

    Rebecca Gibney’s comment on accepting the Logie this year was most telling – for a show in decline this is a great compliment – or words to that effect. It feels longer than 4 and a half seasons – perhaps as it started in 2008 and the first series straddled 2 calendar years. It has lost a lot – not only its key cast, but it feels a bit tired and formulaic. Sheridan is a talent, and a triple threat – sings, acts and a presenter (Play School is evidence of all 3). Rafters is still Gibney’s star turn – but 10 is offering Hugh some star turns. Good for him.

  7. A desperate move by a desperate CEO of a desperate Network…..ain’t gonna work & the ratings needle won’t move in their favor.

  8. Yes David, I appreciate he signed with Ten. But the circumstances surrounding his defection are hard to overlook. I guess it comes to down to personal construal.

    As to my comment on stealing, yes, it’s part of the business, dangling the biggest carrot possible. All I was attempting to say was how it is imitative It’s been utilised on so many occasions for such a long duration of time.

  9. I predicted these kind of “measures” would be taken when Seven won its case against James Warburton.

    During the nine months he spent on gardening leave, he would have thought of ways to dismantle Seven. However, his strategies aren’t original. When David Leckie was fired from Nine, and then hired by Kerry Stokes, he did the same thing, poaching news chief Peter Meakin, and continuing from there.

    The ends always have to justify the means. Stealing talent and personnel from the opposition is rarely the answer. After James was rightly thrown out from Seven, I’m sure the big guns such as Meakin, Worner, Ross and many others would have renewed their contracts so James’s options are limited at best.

  10. Well it is a huge risk for him. He’s moving from the #1 network to a network almost running 4th. Its a good coup for TEN though. He has star power and that can count for a number of things. Will see how it pans out.

  11. “having a network deal opens the door for other vehicles for his talents” This is a good thing, as I think I Will Survive will tank in the ratings due to the niche appeal.

  12. Would that be a first? To sign a big star to a network deal but allow them to continue on a rival channels most popular program?

    Hugh was also touted as the guy to be front runner in the Australian stage version of “Book of Mormon”

  13. Very interesting. I think its a good move. For me Rafters has lost its appeal and I think having this and the network deal is a good thing.

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