Ann Curry signs off Today (US)

“For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line, but, man, I did try.”

“For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I’m sorry I couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line, but, man, I did try.”

An emotional Anne Curry told US Today show viewers that she’d be moving into a new position as Today anchor at large and a national and international correspondent for NBC News. Curry will anchor prime-time specials and produce reports for Today as well as the NBC Nightly News, Rock Center, Dateline and MSNBC.

The abrupt departure comes after weeks of frenzied speculation about Curry’s fate. Once the most unstoppable show in morning television, the Today show juggernaut has slowed since Curry took over as co-host last spring.

Earlier, she hit back at critics who said that she lacked “chemistry” with Matt Lauer, telling USA Today: “You know, Matt and I have had great on-air chemistry for 14 years, been part of the No. 1 winning team for a history-making number of years,” she says. “That said, I just finished my freshman year as co-host. In every single co-host’s first year, there have been kinks to be worked out, and perhaps I deserve as much blame for that as anyone.”

Meanwhile, Savannah Guthrie has been formally offered the role, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.


Source: LA Times

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  1. I can not believe they did this to her,the reason i started watching this show was because of her beautiful personality. Some of those Anchors voices do my head in, she was an asset to the show what Idiots! .OMG They are going to replace her with Savannah Guthrie are you kidding! I don’t care where she was born but her voice is grating.
    I just hope Anne gets the last Laugh and they pay her well she deserves it.I noted today Matt was not on the show today and its the 3rd July i wonder why? .
    Good Luck to her she deserves better .I can not believe they Iced her like that…

  2. Ann is such a sweetie and like others have said she’s empathetic and seems a genuinely nice person. She just wasn’t perky or whatever like Katie or Meredith. Fifteen years with the show & a tiny send off is all she’s worth??? I wish her well in whatever she does next.

    And I loved it when it was on at midnight as well but now I just record & watch the next night.

  3. I love Ann. The way they sent her off was really disappointing though, it was as if they couldn’t wait to be rid of her. I sure won’t be tuning in to the 7mate re-broadcast anymore after this.

  4. I like her but I don’t think she was good for a breakfast show. She lacked chemistry with Matt, which is why he wanted her gone. Meredith was there for 5 years and got a 2hr sendoff and Ann has been there for 5 years and got a 5minute sendoff. Also, A campaign has started in the US to boycott NBC and the Today show and head to GMA. Will be interested to see the ratings after all this. Savannah I say will be next Co-Host, She is the only one I see doing it.

  5. Matt wanted her out and he won. They have not treated her with much grace in this situation IMO.

    Ann Curry didn’t belong there anyway, she is way too smart for the rest of ’em.

  6. She was kind enough to run over and chat to us when I was in that crowd on a freezing morning in Rockerfeller centre because we were from Australia. (I have a very loud voice!) Even though she was just about to run in to do a segment she stayed and chatted with us for ages till the very last minute, ages after Matt and the rest had had enough of the crowd and gone in. She was very lovely, warm, funny, interested and wonderful to talk to…not phony or fake at all. That’s not an act… she genuinely loves her viewers. Perfhaps she wasn’t the right fit for that job, but at least she will go and do what she is really good at. She’s much better than just being Lauer’s side-kick.

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