Nine rolls out Howzat! and Big Brother promos

As tipped by TV Tonight, Nine rolled out its first glimpse of Lachy Hulme as Kerry Packer last night, making the most of its potentially big audience during The Voice grand final.

Nine had been keeping his likeness under wraps, although that was thwarted recently by a Sunday paper.

Hulme, best known for Offspring, Beaconsfield and The Hollowmen, plays the larger-then-life former Nine boss.

The two parter Howzat!: Kerry Packers’ War will air later this year.

Nine also aired a slick new promo for Big Brother which showed a flash mob interrupting a wedding and dancing behind Sonia Kruger -but some over-glam and over-dressed young attention-seekers were blocked from joining in the fun. Nine is doing its darndest to communicate that the show will be peopled by ordinary Aussies and not fame addicts.

Expect both promos to be replayed again tonight.


  1. I just reckon this commercial is wrong. Its just in a wrong catagory because not because the music is bad and everyone is tradegy.. But mainly because the commercial shows alot about dancing and its all about dance. While big brother is not simply a dance show. They could of done way much thinking about this and much differently. Then making a commercial for big brother with just dancing. Now unless of course big brother is turning into a dance show i really dont no what channel 9 has thier secrets… But one thing i know i bet they couldnt bring anything better to make a commercial but to show off and add music and with music you must dance. Which again i start to keep wondering that music dance vs big brother show is 2 different things.

  2. To david

    Im sorry as much as ive read that i really don’t get it. Its jsut because people like me dont just always watch everything shown on channel 9. Considering we have internet to watch and foxtel to watch.

    So i would really preciate if you or anyone could help me understand the meaning of this unusual “odd” commercial about big brother as i dont get it at all… something to do about dance in the public streets ? Or am i thinking it has to do all the shows they show on channel 9 and combine all the charators into one big brother commercial were big brother dominates everything shown on channel 9 even the block ?

    thank you

    • The clip shows ordinary people from all walks of life gathering together (dancing) and a glass wall going up around them, suggesting they are the kind of people welcomed in the BB house. When a group of overtly dressed, muscled guys, and big hair girls tries to join in, it’s clear they can’t get in. BB is sending the message that this season will not be full of young drunken, horny, shallow stereotypes that populated many of its later seasons. My interview with Andrew Backwell at Nine also supports this view.

  3. First of all just to remind everyone know im a huge big brother fan. But when it comes to most housemates been choosen for the show i dislike most of them all.

    Here is my negative feedback about the big brother commercial promo just been announced on ch9.. Whats with the dancing and whats with the bimbos and the carpenter next to the work car and a priest dancing around ? what does all this has to do with big brother show? also what does big brother show has to do with the these people dancing in the street in public? I dont quite understand the meaning of this commercial. Also in my opinion it think its far too rediculours and far too spicy for most with kids at home. This isn’t going to turn out too well.. Sooner then later TodayTonight show or ACA might end up saying “Big brother first commercial promo too spicy” ? and thats where a another debate would end up happening. I think its a stupid commercial. I didn’t quite like it. Also whats with the wedding has to do with big brother ? and more sadly whats with the priest dancing like that and has to do anything with big brother ? I hope channel 9 doesnt turn big brother show the wrong way along the line or else some politicians and such will blame channel 9 and channel 9 will cope it just like how channel ten did and end up in trouble due to the fact channel ten had this turkey slaps apearing on the late night show.

  4. Howzat has all the elements of a great mini series!

    The whole look alike thing won’t matter much should the series live up to Nine and Southern Star’s expectations..

  5. When you have friends in places that matter the KP gig is in the bag. At least the Paper Giants guy did look somewhat like KP.
    As for BB – “…the show will be peopled by ordinary Aussies and not fame addicts” – yeah, riiight Nine. The pic says it all.

  6. I really don’t like judging things before seeing them.

    But I have to say: 1. that looked really cheap and trashy (bad wigs, etc).

    2. the decision to replace Carlton with that guy is unfathomable: he looks less like Packer than Carlton, Carlton could have been made-up right to ‘heavy him up’; and the new guy’s voice makes him sound about 16.

    TV really is a v, v, strange business.

  7. Big Brother promo was bile… “Ok we’ve managed to get LMFAO for the soundtrack, now what do we do with it?”.. Didn’t engage at all. Very similar to a music channel promo from a few years back, (not sure if it was MTV or V) people dancing in trapped box light space….

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