Oops. Somebody better tell Freeview that Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation has finished.

Freeview has talked up Australia’s “love affair with light entertainment on free-to-air television” by spruiking the numbers some shows have attained in the month of May.

With consolidated viewing it claims the 20 most-watched light entertainment programs across both metro and regional audiences averaged 1.5 million in May, up from 1.1 million in May 2011.

In May 22 of the 25 most-watched light entertainment shows were locally produced, although it includes Reality shows such as
The Voice with its live shows averaging 2.2 million viewers (it isn’t clear if it counts show titles as 1 or separate listings such as Australia’s Got Talent Monday, Australia’s Got Talent Tuesday etc).

“Australians in their millions tuned into light entertainment programs on Freeview in May, highlighting just how enthusiastic viewers are about the genre,” Freeview general Manager, Liz Ross, said.

However Freeview also claims:

“Other light entertainment programs delivering consistently high audiences, and across all Freeview networks during May included Talking About Your Generation and Glee (TEN), QI and Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight (ABC1), and Eurovision 2012 (SBS ONE).”

But Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation actually ended in March and Gordon Street Tonight ended in April.

Both shows have had replays on ONE and ABC2 but not on TEN nor ABC1 and the numbers are far more modest.

Wonder how the figures were for Yasmin’s Getting Married in May?


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Hmm, we’re starting to get a few comments from shills on certain stories.

    “… people say it can’t ad skip …” because it can’t, they’re not just making it up.

    Freeview boxes use CRID (Content Reference Indicator Data) to determine the start and end of programs. In theory it would allow a PVR to adjust the recording times for shows that don’t start and end on time (ie just about everything after 7pm on 7, 9, & 10). However, it’s dodgy and chops off both start and end of programs, especially credits. Freeview shouldn’t be trumpeting this until it works reliably.

    Also, no mention about DRM on all recordings preventing you from transferring the content to other devices.

  2. I have a great PVR that is just fantastic. It also comes with the Freeview EPG which I use instead of the manufacturers own. When I set series recordings it works a charm. If something is moved (yes you 10) it knows and records it. I set it to record Tricky Business one time and it started on time. Yes people say it can’t ad skip but can fast forward in seconds. And if I have any problems, as I did with recording WIN recently then Freeview sorted it out for me, always responding to my emails. Great service.

  3. Freeview in Australia is nothing more than an industry marketing exercise, an attempt to cripple digital recording devices as much as possible and a protectionist policy regarding EPG data. Their standards are impossible to fathom or follow, even for hardware manufacturers. Freeview “compliance” in hardware devices is a fluid state of affairs that offers no guarantees to the purchaser of any kind. Freeview continuously supply misleading and/or incomplete information to the public regarding themselves, their EPG and their services. (look at the latest ads making sweeping claims about Freeview branded PVRs which are only one step removed from being outright lies)

    It’s a shame we didn’t see a system such as Freeview in the UK, which actually gives the viewer something they might want and a few products that actually do value-add.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Freeview is a joke. There has been nothing but confusion, inaccuracy, and downright misrepresentation since they plagiarised Ford’s ad and told us that we getting a whole bunch of new channels that we mostly already had. A complete waste of money, in my view.

  5. I’m going off on a tangent here, but how annoying are those Freeview ads? That lady is practically reading a press release, and they’re trying to pass it off as a ‘normal’ conversation. Makes me cringe every time I see it.

  6. harrypotter1994

    Fail its actually finished finished. Shaun told TV week that everyone had too many other commitments and they may only be doing specials in the future

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