Later this year on Nine

Nine recently revealed some of the new international titles it will air later this year.

This is in addition to previously confirmed titles including Anger Management and Dallas.

They include:

Treasure Island,


The Following (pictured),

Golden Boy,


NB: List is not complete.


  1. with The Following, it’ll be like what happened with Alcatraz. a early/mid January US start, early to mid February on Nine. they won’t fast-track it too close to America since it would be in our summer non ratings period.

  2. The Following, just watched the YouTube extended promo (below) and yes it’s listed a3 2013 mid season so not likely to start until mid Jan at the earliest. So maybe they are lying about later this year but I sure hope they fast track in in 2013.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    David, I think that there’s a small error in the first sentence. I think it should read “… will air later this decade.”

    No problem, just trying to help.

  4. The Following looks like it has potential. Although another show that looks like it’d be better if it’d been made for cable.

    Plus James Purefoy is always good in things.

  5. But will they really??? They said Episodes would air in 2011. I just don’t trust Nine. Already watching Dallas, and can’t wait for The Following to start airing.

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