Returning: Big Brother Australia

Nine has confirmed the reboot of Big Brother will begin on Monday August 13th.

Cleverly, the Reality series begins the night after the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics.

Nine has previously confirmed the show would be stripped into the 7pm timeslot, the same time that it used to air on TEN.

Yesterday TEN announced a premiere date for “Dramality” series The Shire of July 16, no doubt as a move to establish its characters ahead of the audience bonding with Big Brother housemates.


  1. Something needs to be said about Network Ten’s commissioned reality programs. ‘Being Lara Bingle’, ‘I Will Survive’, and ‘The Shire’ are examples of the network’s sheer ignorance to cast a diverse range of Australians.

  2. Why don’t Ch9!! Bring Back Friday Night Games and put it on G0!
    Ch9 will be smashing the ratings and the demos! Cmon Ch9 you can do it, that would be the Best Thing Ever!!!


    Ch9: NRL: Friday Night Football

    G0!: Big Brother: Friday Night Games/Live

  3. who seriously apart from loyal viewers,teenage girls and people unaware of the alternatives actually watches Home and Away anymore?I think Nine will do well out of this giving us something other than more recycled 2.5 men or Big Bang Theory at 7pm.Time will Tell.

    I won’t forget dating back to the 2002 season someone writing into the Adelaide Advertiser vote them all off and Bring back Seinfeld which was 10’s 7pm offering at the time.

  4. should’ve just left it on Ten, same time slot as the rest of the reality shows, Masterchef/The Block/ the biggest loser and so on, whats with these channels having a thing for 7pm, they will lose viewiers for people watching Home and Away i was expecting channel 9 to have different timeslot but no they did the same as channel 10 very sad really.

  5. David if permited i have one quick say as well.

    Channel 9 has too much footie shows and footy matches specialy thursdays and fridays or weekends.

    I heard if not mistaken 2 years ago that all football matches will be telecasting else where rather then bombarded over channel 9. Otherwise there wont be roon for american series… big brother show… eviction shows.. And pretty much you cant have football matches over this same time. It all seems that from 7p till 12midnight is the most active watch television ever in australia. So if not mistaken all matches will be taken off from ch9 ? due to big brother shows such as highlights,,, eviction shows that requiers a good 2 hour programe. I don’t see GO channel end up mix and match this show. I think channel 9 keeps big brother clued on channel 9. Otherwise if you have seen any big brother commercials advertice for GO channel then it will go there at times. But it hasnt’ Let me know if anyone knows this.

  6. saw an ad for big brother that just said it is confirmed there are housemates from brisbane, most reality shows have contestants from each capital city unless they have a very small cast. I just assumed there would be some from brisbane especially since the house is on the gold coast, did we really need this “announcement”.

  7. I think 100% that “Dramality” series The Shire is in the temporary timeslot for know aniways. But sooner then later it will be moved to a different time. Whats with just the night time prime tv… why not day time? thousands and thousands do watch tv during day time as well. Not only specified from 6p till midnight.

    This is fantastic david. cant wait to see big brother. So it begings a day after the closing of the olympic games. But i do have a feeling that each closing ceremonial olympic game is repeated full coverage the following evening on tv network.. So if they do well big brother show will not be shown the following day ? it will be televise 2 days later from that date obove.

    Also will this be a live telecast or a recorded over the weekend sunday or monday telecast and be shown either 13th or 14th ? remember the live closing olympic games will be repeated for audience on the same channel so this means they would repeat it on the 13th of that same date on a evening date… So how wil they work this out?

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