2.09m for Howzat finale, but TEN plummets.

Ratings: Part II of Kerry Packer's War tops the night but it just gets worse for Network TEN.

The second and final instalment of Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War drew another big crowd of 2.09m viewers, just under the 2.1m it enjoyed last week.

The cricket drama pulled a huge 770,000 in Melbourne and 557 in Sydney. Even in memory the godfather of the network was able to smash the opposition. TEN slumped to another disastrous figure behind the ABC.

Nine bowled over a whopping 39.8% share then Seven 27.8%, ABC 16.8%, TEN 10.9% and SBS 4.7%.

60 Minutes was Nine’s next best performer with 1.66m then Nine News (1.39m), Big Brother‘s first eviction (1.25m) and a repeat of Underbelly (447,000).

Seven News (1.53m) and Sunday Night (1.46m) both won their timeslots. Seven’s other showings were Kath & Kim (892,000), and Criminal Minds (550,000 / 365,000).

ABC News (931,000) led ABC1 followed by Grand Designs Revisited (919,000), Dream Build (845,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (732,000), Inspector George Gently (346,000) and Compass (338,000).

It was a terrible night for TEN with a Modern Family replay (554,000 / 386,000) its best offering then TEN News (480,000), The Simpsons (384,000), NCIS (332,000), The Graham Norton Show (326,000) and The Project (323,000).

Meet the Romans (318,000) was best on SBS ONE then World News Australia (201,000), Inside Nature’s Giants (186,000) and Movie: Sicko (150,000).

Movie: Total Recall on 7mate (218,000) topped multichannels.

Sunday 26 August 2012.

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  1. @The Moops Couldn’t agree more, about the murdoch influences and lets not forget ginna’s as well.
    @blindowl Couldn’t Dis-agree more as to murdoch’s influence being far fetched.

    Because there are three images that flash into my mind when I think of Ten, they are Bolt! Henry! Hughes!.(and when did they appear) and of late, Kath Robertson! who seems to have succumbed to inserting anti government snipes regardless of factual relativity (hope she hasn’t been forced to sell her soul, just to hold onto her job, unlike dave who may just have another motivation).

    @blindowl I do agree that all networks share common attitudes towards us viewers, that even possibly goes as far as bordering on ‘Contempt of us Viewers'(surely they have not reached the opinion that we are now only a necessary evil?)

    Because why else would they Not Care about adhering to advertised programme length and starting times etc.especially with Pre Recorded Programmes (strange that they can seem to co-ordinate Add Breaks almost to the ‘N’th degree).

    In regards to encores, I am in fact all for them, simply because of the immediate comments above, because many times encores allow someone to catch the start or finish of an episode that has been missed because of Over-runs and of course the common practice of No Ad breaks between programmes.

  2. Re the imbd process. You have to submit evidence to imbd to have listing info amended or added to etc etc. They are very very fussy and have a pro forma you must complete. But, they don’t update listings themselves as such, no. Anything outdated is really lack of action from the people charged with that task from any prodco etc.

  3. @The Moops,I really think the audience disconnect is quite simply down to programming choices.I think if there were consistently better quality shows on and more variety,I’m sure people would watch again.I really think when it comes down to it,alot of people probably really don’t care about the politics of it all,they just want to have a good range of some quality entertainment.You’d think it would be easy enough,but at the moment Ten is just heading in the wrong direction.Why give us more of what quite obviously,we as viewers don’t want to watch?

  4. Channel 10 are doing badly in August and September when the networks have used up news episodes of their hit US shows and are relying on local drama and reality TV. PB is doing OK but they need to either make better reality TV or come up with another idea.

    Apart from running NCIS on Sunday there isn’t much they can do until new episodes of their US shows become available at the end of September.

    The ABC and 10 are competing for different audiences. The ABC gets alot of ratings from its news, showing current affairs on Monday against commercial dramas, and from showing British murder mysteries to older viewers at the weekend.

    Criminal Minds will obviously do better on Wednesday when it is up against Anger Management with 800k viewers than on Sunday against Howzaat with 2.1m viewers. Channel 7 have to show something on Sunday and they don’t have new episodes of anything else until October.

  5. @Kev, LOL, yep, that bloke is an absolute dead-ringer for Newk.

    @Blind Owl, yeah, it is a very long bow to draw, I admit, but Ten’s ratings have jumped off a cliff and I was just pondering if there were other factors in their audience disconnect, apart from their present programming strategy.

  6. Congratulations Nine on Howzat. Good luck Ten. Thank you SBS for Meet the Romans. Also a belated thank you to the ABC plus other channels for good stuff worth watching on Saturday. I appreciate it.

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