Bumped: Dallas. Returning: Embarrassing Bodies.

Nine has pushed Dallas back to a later starting time this week, now set to air as a double at 10pm and 11pm on Wednesday.

At 9pm Nine will now screen Embarrassing Bodies.

The Embarrassing Bodies team are in Thailand to treat a number of embarrassing illnesses from a variety of people.


  1. Elle from brisbane

    Cannot believe Dallas has been axed, I was really enjoying it , why would channel 9 do that after all the promotion of it, I was hooked, even if they had just finished the series at a different time I would have been happy, channel 9 u have lost me as a viewer!!!

  2. David, was there another correction I just missed? Because I watched the show last night, Embarrassing bodies was meant to finish at 10.30, yet didn’t finish until around 10.40, so I had to watch what a disgusting program that is. Then, once Dallas finished at 11.40 since it was running overtime, there was repeat ep of House Husbands, not a double Dallas ep! Very disappointed with Nine if they changed again!!

  3. Put it on at a decent time once a week.You know what this and The Farmer Wants a Wife have in Common Both are set in the Redneck Country of their home lands.

  4. This is a ratings issue obviously, as Nine want each episode to deliver at least 1 million or more in ratings, but that’s not going to happen, as the Dallas show has always been way more popular in North America and overseas, than it was and is here.

    From season 2, Dallas should be moved over to the Gem channel at an 8.30 pm timeslot, not unless Nine decide to onsell it to Foxtel and show episodes a year later. 

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