Live X Factor is the best yet

Seven’s first Live show for The X Factor ran terribly overtime, stretching to 2.5 hours -but it sure delivered in entertainment value.

The 12 singing acts comprised the strongest batch the show has had across its four seasons (three of them on Seven).

There are already several acts vying for line honours.

Newly-formed boyband The Collective wowed the audience with their version of Jessie J’s Domino, described by mentor Ronan Keating as the “best performance I’ve ever seen on X Factor anywhere in the world.” Before they had even left the stage host Luke Jacobz told them they were trending worldwide.

Also in serious contention was 19 year old singing teacher Angel Tupai who demonstrated terrific range. Samantha Jade oozed confidence with her version of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake and Nathanial Willemse showed he has soul with a Beyonce number.

At the other end of the scale tween boyband act What About Tonight may have a solid following but are still a raw act, while country boy Jason Owen was out of his depth with Bryan Adams’ Heaven.

Some acts were also dwarfed by elaborate staging. Bella Ferraro looked like she could have been in a pantomime, or possibly Eurovision, while Shiane Hawke looked out of place in her over-produced staging. Mentors need to be mindful that we’re here to watch singers grow, not the Super Bowl half time show. Such production numbers get in the way of us connecting with the act.

The good news for some acts is that voting does not always match performances, and sometimes the sympathy vote carry an act through an underwhelming week.

Congrats to casting producers for finding a very strong batch, which will no doubt be reflected by today’s ratings.


  1. Been watching Angel……she appeared in the combined schools Spectacular for a few years, it is shown on ABC at the end of each year,,,,it has produced a lot of talent.

  2. The Live show was brilliant!! The Collective were easily the highlight… the only hinderence was the sheer number of ad-breaks!!?! Such a pain in the b**tt that between each of the 12 acts they had to shove in yet another ad break!

  3. Pleasantly surprised by how good The Collective were – Ronan’s got a winner on his hands.
    Other standouts were Angel, Josh Brooks & Samantha Jade.
    The two country singing boys were the worst on the night.

  4. There were a few surprises for me…my favourites were Bella, What About Tonight and Josh Brookes.

    Before this I really supported Adil but last night I felt they sexualised him too much and took the focus away from his talent.

    I didn’t find The Collective to be that good at all…overrated, but they’ll probably make it really far based on the teen girl vote.IMO the bottom three will be Nathaniel, Jason Owen and either Justin or Adil

  5. Angel and Fourtunate are my favourites, even though Ronan gave them a pretty difficult song to sing.

    The Collective was a surprise, it’s funny how it was better than WAT.

  6. I thought Angel was amazing and was surprised by Collective.

    Bella, I felt sorry for. I think Nat Bass or whoever it was that made her walk through plastic flowers and a swing on a swing needs think again how that would of helped her feel less nervous.

  7. I really thought that X Factor would rate less this year than it did last year, just because Nine and Ten were really weak this time last year and I originally thought that Big Brother would damage X Factor. But last night was probably the best live show ever on Australian X Factor. Don’t know if it will reach figures that the live shows for The Voice got but I hope it at least gets close. Well deserved.

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