Returning: NCIS, NCIS: LA.

Hit procedural shows NCIS and NCIS: LA return to TEN next week, back where they belong.

Season 10 of NCIS is fast-tracked to 8:30pm Tuesday October 2nd.

“Extreme Prejudice.”
Gibbs goes on the hunt to find Harper Dearing and bring him down following the NCIS headquarters bombing.

Last night was the final episode of S9.

It is followed by NCIS: LA at 9:30pm.

Following Callen’s public shooting of the Chameleon, he has been placed on suspension; and with Hetty’s retirement, the team is having difficulty adjusting to their new roles.


  1. I am glad NCIS is back. Its a shame about their ratings drop. It was doing so well until all the Australian dramas came on. Not to mention the way it was abused by Channel 10 in their lack of adequate advertising and ridiculous time starts. Its a wonderful show and I hope it will be continued to be aired regardless of the lower ratings. I do hope it isn’t in any danger of being cancelled. Other shows have less ratings.

  2. I personally don’t watch but cut it all down to once a week on Tuesdays.

    Putting it on almost every night of the week only encourages Crime and Baddies in our Society and the die hard fans can buy or borrow from libraries or Kmart.

    • How does it encourage crime and baddies in our society? haven’t seen those stats. We have had cop shows on TV for decades before NCIS. Wouldn’t it also encourage justice and policing, that happens in every show too?

  3. One more thing i’m waiting for though is the return of new simpsons to tuesdays 7.30, It’s totally wasted on 11 and should do good for ten in demos and ratings. Rem the days of new simpsons, new bondi rescue, new ncis and ncis repeat then some sandra sully!! Thats what i call a lineup! lol

  4. Praise the lord!! It’s about time Ten. Now i have something good to watch on tuesdays
    Yay new ncis back to it’s home:)
    The only thing is Ten is gonna have to flood the market with promo’s to let everyone know its back to tuesdays.

  5. I can’t wait!! FInally, there are suddenly a lot of reasons for me to put my TV back to TEN!

    Also, I found it rather amusing that after the S9 finale last night the promo advertising the fast-tracking of both NCIS, NCIS:LA actually said “back where they belong”… so even TEN knows this… yet they held off 6 months to show the season finale and put it on a Sunday night 😐 Weird.

  6. Yay!!! Thank You Ch 10 for putting NCIS & NCIS:LA back where they belong!!!!

    Can’t wait for new eps!!!

    @Craig … I couldn’t wait to find out about Ducky. So I went online looking … 😉

  7. You know what, i can handle a week (except for shows like Survivor/Amazing Race). That would be the absolute latest for fast tracking though. And good to see it back on Tuesday, which makes the decision to put the last few eps on Sunday…why?
    Hope it starts at 8.30 for Ten’s sake, otherwise i won’t be watching. And they’ve smartened up and put NCIS LA back after NCIS. Mott goes, and logic comes back.

  8. Finally!

    And good to see them fast tracking, just a shame it’s on the same day of the week (Tuesday) in the US as well. Meaning we have to wait almost a full week! I don’t know if I can do that after what happened to Ducky?

    Same thing goes for Homeland which is also on Sundays in the US.

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