TEN overhauls I Will Survive

After dire ratings, TEN will edit I Will Survive into a single episode, to air just one night a week.

TEN’s talent series I Will Survive has survived a Programming change by TEN, but will now air once a week in a re-edited format.

TEN will now screen the show on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm with challenges and eliminations all taking place in a single episode.

On Wednesdays TEN will screen a double episode of US sitcom Last Man Standing at 7:30pm.

Last night the show was last in its timeslot sinking to just 281,000 viewers, behind SBS and even 7TWO.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “I Will Survive is still part of TEN’s prime-time line-up and we remain committed to making brave programs.”

Keeping the show at 7:30pm Tuesdays, rather than keeping it on Wednesdays, will still be a challenge because the show will face-off against The X Factor‘s verdict show.

TV Tonight readers have been asking for fast-tracked episodes of Glee which begins in the US tomorrow. TV Tonight understands the music series is coming soon.

The expensive failure of I Will Survive follows a string of disappointment for TEN including Everybody Dance Now, The Shire, Breakfast and Don’t Tell the Bride but the network is pinning its hopes on promising reviews for Underground: The Julian Assange Story and the return of Homeland.

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  1. My best conspiracy guess…channel 10 are sabotaging the last of the shows David Mott had anything to do with in order to justify pushing him out. I know, I know…it’s not rating well, but before butchering the remaining episodes why not at least try a new night or timeslot first?

  2. If you are going to spend more dollars on this show and edit it down, you would think Ten would also want to give it its best chance against the competition, and show it on a Wed or Thursday. It’s not like Thursday is a great night for Ten anyway. Just crazy stuff. But then a again…why should we try and start to understand Ten now, given the last 12 months worth of decisions.

  3. Why this show is up against juggernaut “X-Factor” is beyond me! It’s a great show that deserves its two prime time slots – but how can it compete against a show that rates almost 2 million? Cutting it down to one night a week seems pointless. While I will always throw my support behind Ten, I am lately finding myself scratching my head all too often.

  4. I swear to God someone sent Ten the work experience kid/teenager to take charge of the shows.It’s a disgrace to be honest.

    4 to 5pm should go back to a children/family friendly hour like what we had in the eighties. News at 5pm but cut it to 30 minutes including Sports and Weather you don’t need a full hour for that. 5:30 to 7:30pm A Mix of Dating Shows Or Reality TV and a slimmed down to 30 minutes Project and some good quality imports and don’t let the kid be put in charge of the evening shows!!!.

  5. I’m not entirely sure of the outcome scenario here but from the little I do know isn’t part of the problem with this series that the outcome is actually divorced from the content? The winner here does not win a major place in an ongoing stage play of Priscilla..they win ‘a performance on Broadway’ opportunity. Priscilla’s actual time on Broadway is over. And the win opportunity for IWS seems a little unclear.

    This differs from say Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Over the Rainbow’ where the winner got two roles in what was then, the upcoming ‘The Wizard of Oz’. And of course Webber judged on the first with a clear view for casting a role in the second.

    So, the UK version had a much bigger goal and this helped marketing enormously for Over The Rainbow.

    IWS seems divorced and isolated by comparison and I think this is a problem for the take here on the format. It may be interesting and engaging for what it is…but without that ultimate goal and someone being influential enough to enable as Webber did, no wonder it is in a grey area of acceptance.

  6. It’s such a shame because this show is one of the best. It’s fast paced (none of those longing pauses announcing who’s been eliminated) the judging is fair, honest and at times brunt.The format is great and it’s good rather than having screaming 16 year olds in a studio, it’s showing off our great country.
    Kudos to Ten for giving it a go, and for taking it on.

  7. Plenty of good suggestions from posters here. The best ones being moving it to Thursday nights away from X factor and re-editing it to make it a once a week show.

    Oh well, at least the Ten programming executives listened to one of the suggestions.

    The Thursday night move might have saved it from moving to Eleven.

    It will still get thrashed on Tuesday nights and I am betting it will move to Eleven the following week or dumped on Friday nights like they did with YTT.

  8. It’s not enough.

    The show needs to move to Eleven away from other reality shows. Maybe Sundays 7.30 against 60 Minutes and Border/Airways?

    And on Ten they need to be counter programming against X Factor and Big Brother.

    A US drama or sitcoms. Even movies.

  9. What a pity! I love this one. I don’t even know the real difference between the two talent shows on 7. I wish this one had built an audience. I love that there are gay guys and straight guys all in the bus together – what a message – yet I loved the temper tanty of the pink echidna in the main (only) street of Cobar. I think the trouble is that 10 doesn’t have the Olympics, tennis, league, AFL or motor racing during which it can plug its wares. But then, even if they did have that platform, there’s no excusing The Shire. Tsk. Tsk.

  10. IWS is hardly brave…..just a retro throwback to 20 years ago…..

    ch10s target demo just don’t watch tv……however they do like torrent….. this is happening quick before our eyes…..the future of broadcast media….ch10 will not survive

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