Sunday Night leads Seven to a win

Ratings: Sunday was a close tussle between Seven and Nine with public affairs shows leading the way.

Public affairs shows Sunday Night and 60 Minutes were the biggest drawcards last night in a close tussle between Seven and Nine.

Seven took the win, just 1% ahead of Nine in network share.

In the drama battle stakes at 8:30 the game was also tighter with House Husbands in front of Jack Irish, but Homeland thankfully rising on last week’s numbers.

Seven Network was 29.6% then Nine 28.6%, ABC 19.2%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 4.3%.

Sunday Night was 1.38m for Seven then Seven News (1.16m), Air Ways (1.07m), Border Security (1.05m), Bones (792,000), V8 Supercars (627,000) and Killing Time (395,000 / 290,000)

60 Minutes (1.24m) led Nine followed by Nine News (1.01m), House Husbands (944,000), Big Brother (911,000), The Mentalist (647,000) and Person of Interest (324,000).

David Attenborough: Kingdom of Plants was 972,000 for ABC1 followed by The Making of Kingdom of Plants (909,000), ABC News (875,000), Jack Irish (851,000) and Compass (348,000).

Modern Family did well for TEN with 908,000 viewers. Homeland lifted on last week’s numbers to 712,000, then Merlin (561,000), The New Normal (552,000), TEN News (499,000), Vegas (309,000) and The Project (300,000).

Battle Castle (256,000) topped SBS ONE followed by The Smartest Machine on Earth (218,000) and World News Australia (156,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country was best on multichannels with 237,000.

Sunday 21 October 2012

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  1. Since I’ve stated my displeasure I just want to add an imagined ideal Sunday (as well as any other) night of viewing pleasure. Mainly for Ch 2 but it could apply to others.

    In a radical move, seemingly, the main ABC channel decides to distinguish itself by keeping programmes intact. By that I mean no watermarks nor pop-ups nor end credits being changed in anyway. This done for maximum viewer enjoyment plus ultimate respect for what is being shown. Impossible dream I guess.

    Now if you want to know the ads I don’t mind. I prefer waiting until after the credits for the ads to show up. I don’t mind if you want to announce what’s next after the credits too. Plus the preview ad for next week. In fact I enjoy and look forward to the next week ad after the credits.

    Some of the exceptions can be Doctor Who because the makers are responsible for it. Also on a two parter they delay it. Plus I like what Eleven can do; for instance what is done with Supernatural. The show ends; then they do an ad for next week; and play the end credits in full which is not messed with in between. That said I prefer you avoid doing that unless it is something like Doctor Who or the programme maker wants it and does it.

    As stated I like the ads after the credits. Plus I don’t mind the mystery of the next show. If I need to know it I can use the EPG or a TV Guide of some kind. Or just let it begin. Totally alien idea these days.

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