Sunrise gets a Gangnam ratings jump

Sunrise enjoyed a Gangnam Style lift yesterday with big numbers thanks to its Martin Place appearance by K-Pop star Psy.

It pulled 462,000 viewers, a boost of 100,000 on the preceding Wednesday. By comparison Today was 336,000, Breakfast was 43,000 on TEN and ABC News Breakfast was 42,000 / 32,000 on its two channels.

In primetime the numbers were soft but ABC had some wins and TEN still has big problems.

Seven Network won the night 30.5% then Nine 26.8%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 16.4% and SBS 5.1%.

Surveillance Oz (1.12m) was the night’s top show for Seven then Seven News (1.06m), Highway Patrol (1.05m), Criminal Minds (980,000), Today Tonight (930,000), Home and Away (832,000), World’s Wildest Police Videos (562,000). Deal or No Deal was 431,000 and Covert Affairs was 226,000.

Nine could not pass the magic million with Nine News on 993,000. A Current Affair was 937,000, Big Brother Little Sister was 834,000, Embarrassing Bodies was 606,000, Hot Seat was 536,000 and Who Do You Think You Are? was 264,000.

Gruen Planet (1.01m) topped ABC1 then ABC News (1.01m), both winning their timeslots. The Hamster Wheel was 875,000, followed by Qi (791,000,), Randling (447,000), At the Movies (321,000) and Lateline (211,000).

TEN News remains TEN’s strongest but only on 627,000. Modern Family was 541,000, The Project 6pm was 396,000, Last Man Standing was just 362,000 / 345,000. A strong drama like The Good Wife is on life support at just 343,000 and a replay of Homeland was a paltry 205,000.

Living with the Amish was 239,000 for SBS ONE then Meet My Wild Friends (226,000) and World News Australia (165,000).

Heartbeat topped multichannels with 301,000 on 7TWO.

Wednesday 17 October 2012


  1. Unfortunately the OZTam boxes are in selected households! I am often astonished at what people watch! A surveillance show and gypsy weddings rate highly and drama requiring thought to follow a plot and characters rate poorly!
    I realise we all have likes and dislikes but with studies showing younger generations having more ability to multi task and more shallow brain activity it appears that more shallow (mind numbing) television will rate higher as people will lack the ability to follow decent shows.
    FYI recorded Gruen and watched PVR shows from Mon and Tues.
    Shows on 7 rate coz they get more viewers and people seem to switch off less compared to 10 who are struggling at the moment.
    We need healthy competition to keep the Australia. Industry thriving!

  2. Agree with most of the comments about TGW – can’t believe it got beat by Gypsy Weddings

    Hooray for Gruen Planet!

    Also, I never watch the breakfast shows but made an exception for Psy

    As for Ten – pony up some cash and grab some sports programming – cricket, union, etc

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