Will TEN still Come Date with Me?

One of the shows that didn’t rate a mention at yesterday’s TEN Upfronts was observational series Come Date with Me.

It was first announced in April along with  Everybody Dance Now, I Will Survive and Don’t Tell the Bride.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight the network didn’t mention every show for 2013 during its Upfront presentations and still has things up their sleeves, including returning and new shows.

Whilst no network ever mentions every new show, it is curious that a new local format didn’t rate a mention.

But TEN is keen to align itself away from the fare that has dominated its content recently such as The Shire, Everybody Dance Now, Being Lara Bingle, I Will Survive (TEN is undecided about Being Lara Bingle at this point).

The Granada Australia-produced series is based on a UK format (pictured) in which singles entertain each other over home-cooked meals, and is understood to sit at a sizeable 40 episodes. There was previous chatter that TEN might have stripped the show at 7pm, but whilst the network told TV Tonight last month the show was still coming, it declined to detail when.

At 40 episodes it could also be stripped through summer.


  1. can we leave the reality show and reality dramas in 2012 and bring something new to 2013. I am so over talent shows, modelling shows, renovating competitions, I don’t want to watch unemployed actors sitting around the pool gossiping about who ate the bread…. I want to see something that means something, Like whale wars or bondi rescue.

    I am amazed that the networks aren’t doing “Australia’s next miner” or “So you think you can save the Murray”

    Foxtel is trying to get more newer programs. the problem is when one talent show ends they replace it with another.

    Stop spending money on more US content and create more Australian content.

  2. Sounds like perfect fodder for Summer, they could strip it 5 nights a week at 7.30 then use the 8pm slots for sitcom repeats.

    I’d also start Summer with moving Simpsons in at 6pm and having The Project start their summer season in their new 6.30 timeslot so that they are geared up for ratings season 2013.

  3. I think it’s safe to assume that Ten won’t be going ahead with this show, after every after new reality format in 2012 bombed for them.

    I like that most of 2013’s new shows are drama, with only one new reality show. That’s the way things should be IMO!

  4. completely forgot about this, seems very closely associated with that really bad patch of shows ten had. if ten want to move on from that period they need to distance themselves from this show, i think it would fit well on 11. but if a 40 episode local show is not mentioned in a network upfronts i won’t hold my breath for it to come on air.

    also Fashion Star, I know it was never officially greenlit, but I think it is safe to say it is off the cards now.

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