Amazing Race Australia wins International Emmy

The Amazing Race Australia has won an International Emmy Award as Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program.

The Amazing Race Australia has won an International Emmy Award in New York as Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program.

The award was accepted by activeTV president Michael McKay and host Grant Bowler.

In a statement Executive Producer Michael McKay said, “This is a win for all of our talented crew, dedicated facilitators and suppliers from every corner of the globe who have worked with us for so many years.”

He also paid tribute to Seven execs Tim Worner, Brad Lyons, Angus Ross and Trent Chapman and host Grant Bowler.

Seven’s Director of Production Brad Lyons, said: “We are absolutely over the moon that an Australian production has received such recognition at an international level. Our congratulations to each and every member of the team.”

It’s an impressive coup for the Seven show, especially given the only other Aussie nominee The Slap lost out to France’s Braquo (currently screening on Showcase). activeTV also produces an Asian version which was nominated for an International Emmy in 2009 as well as races for Israel, the Philippines and is now co-producing a Ukrainian version.

Amongst the other winners were Black Mirror, which recently screened on SBS and the doco Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die.

Best Arts Programming: Songs of War (Germany)
Best Performance by an Actor: Darío Grandinetti, for Televisión por la Inclusión (Argentina)
Best Performance by an Actress: Cristina Banegas, for Televisión por la Inclusión (Argentina)
Best Comedy: The Invisible Woman (Brazil)
Best Documentary: Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die (United Kingdom)
Best Drama Series: Braquo (France)
Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program: The Amazing Race Australia (Australia)
Best Telenovela: The Illusionist (Brazil)
Best TV Movie/Mini-Series: Black Mirror (United Kingdom)

Foxtel’s SLiDE was earlier nominated in the first International Emmy Kids Awards.

Source: smh.com.au

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  1. Well deserved indeed. One of the very few Australian TV shows that is literally world class TV. The original, particulalry the current series, is starting to suffer by comparison. I hope it gets renewed but I imagine the production costs are enormous and it probably hasn’t been getting the ratings to justify them.

  2. Just a quick question. As I write this, 24% of respondents have voted in the TV Tonight poll that Seven shouldn’t renew TARA…obviously those 24% don’t like it, but why do they care if it comes back? It’s not compulsory to watch it. For example, I don’t watch The Voice, The X-Factor etc but I’m not opposed to them coming back…I just won’t watch them if they do. Just wondering…maybe someone who voted no could give some insight.

  3. The biggest hurdle to another series is its cost. Although with the bragging rights it now has, an Emmy may well be enough to get another series over the line.

    There are not many Aussie shows that claim to have won an Emmy. Seven – perhaps you should give this another go. I can see the over-the-top promos now 🙂

  4. 3rd season announcement please? 7.30 timeslot for the whole run, no double eps, no skipping weeks and it will pull solid figures.
    Well done to those involved, while it’s bragging rights for seven, who produces the show?

  5. This was the first time I have ever watch Amazing Race and I was really impressed by the quality. Now I am watching the current US version, and I can see that we equal the production quality.
    Did the AUS series actually air in the US or other countries?

  6. Congratulations to the Seven network on winning the Emmy for The Amazing Race: Australia. Its production standards are of high standard. As someone who doesn’t watch the US version, I followed our one from the start.

    Tim Worner and Seven would be prudent to commission a third series and program it properly. I always had a high level of esteem for T.A.R.A whether or not the show returned.

  7. Congratulations. Was A great series and one of my favorite TV shows. Good job to everyone who was involved. Although I would love Grant Bowler to host both this and the mole, I don’t think he will.

    I think Dan MacPherson will host one or the other (I think TAR), because he has been doing that show on Plus7 called ‘The Checklist’, just like TAR but based in Australia.

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