Judge Judy for breakfast

Updated: So how is TEN now rating at breakfast without Breakfast?

Judge Judy for breakfast?

The outspoken American judge might be the answer to TEN’s morning woes, if the numbers for Paul Henry’s replacement are anything to go by.

Ratings data indicate that since Breakfast left our screen a week ago, TEN’s numbers in the timeslot have gone backwards. Given it was averaging about 50,000 that’s not exactly encouraging.

With the US import shows now in place during the mornings, TEN’s audience is now hovering at around 15,000.

The point for TEN of course is that none of these programmes cost anywhere near the outlay of Breakfast.

Wednesday December 5
6:00am CBS This Morning: 9,000
7:00am Wurrawhy 5,000
7:30am Entertainment Tonight 16,000
8:00am The Insider 15,000
8:30am The Bold & The Beautiful rpt 18,000
9:00am Judge Judy 135,000 *
9:30am Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield 33,000
10:00am Good Chef, Bad Chef 26,000
10:30am A Taste of Travel 19,000
11:00am The Living Room rpt 31,000

By contrast here are Wednesday’s numbers on the opposition:
Sunrise 374,000,
Today 323,000,
The Morning Show 160,000,
Mornings 107,000,
ABC News Breakfast 43,000 ABC1 / 36,000 ABC News 24

UPDATED: * Average of afternoon and morning broadcasts, no separate figures available.

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  1. One idea for morning TV on TEN could be a youth oriented show aiming squarely at 13-18’s from say 6.30-8.30am. The show could feature youth culture, social network interaction, music, interviews, etc…

    It will never get 300k+ like Seven and Nine but it could do better than the sub-50k TEN are doing now and tap a market currently not being looked after by FTA in the morning.

  2. kinda off topic but whats happened to the repeats of Home & Away and Sons & Daughters on 7two in the mornings, please tell me its just a break, i hope they haven’t pulled it, im tragically addicted to the old soaps! if its on break for the summer why would they bother when they’re not prime time top rating shows??

  3. I think Ten would be better off trying to provide an alternative to Breakfast TV, which is such a saturated market. Even though The Circle was a quality show, Ten clearly weren’t satisfied with neither its nor Breakfast’s ratings.

    I’m thinking maybe sitcom reruns in the morning. It didn’t work so well at 7pm, this is the morning and hey, it can’t rate worse than 15 000.

  4. Good question raised here. Why doesn’t Ten repeat any of their Aussie shows on Ten, Eleven or One? I’m sure they would rate higher than all this American rubbish. How about All Aussie Adventures, The Comedy Company, Let The Blood Run Free, Breakers, Rush, Big Sky, Medivac… just to name a few.

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