Freeview sponsors the Logies

2013-02-22_1424Freeview is sponsoring the Logie Awards for the third time.

The Free to Air marketing platform previously sponsored the Logies in 2010 but that triggered a reaction from Foxtel with  Director of Television Brian Walsh stating that “it’s sending out a message that the subscription industry is not welcome.”

Freeview’s sponsorship promotion will include a 10 week print and digital advertising campaign, and a social media competition on Facebook and Twitter with the chance to win seats in the red carpet viewing area.

“Freeview is excited to be associated with the most important event on the Australian television calendar ,” Freeview General Manager, Liz Ross, said.

“Freeview is all about the best TV, absolutely free and the TV WEEK Logie Awards provide Freeview with the perfect opportunity to celebrate ‘the best of the best’ in TV,” Ross said.

“This is especially relevant in 2013, a milestone in Australian television which will see the whole country switched to the digital TV signal by the end of the year,” she added.

“Our program of promotional activity provides Freeview with the perfect vehicle to support our very popular television campaign,” Ross said.

“This is the biggest celebration of Australian television, and we’re very proud to be associated with what is an icon for TV viewers in this country.”

The Logies will take place on Sunday April 7 on Nine.


  1. carolemorrissey

    I don’t have Foxtel, but my understanding is it’s a subscription, paid monthly, which a lot of people can’t afford. So no, not everyone who wants Foxtel can get it. Whereas the digital channels, once you get a digital TV or set top box, it is a one off payment. So no, they are not the same.

  2. But people can choose to get Foxtel, just in the same way they can choose to watch to SBS2. You may pay for Foxtel, but you end up paying for FTA through having to watch twice the number of ads.

    Same same.

  3. carolemorrissey

    No, that’s a different thing. People can watch SBS if they want to. Not everyone has Foxtel, so they can’t watch it even if they wanted to.

  4. Not everyone watches SBS2…so does that mean that they should be barred?

    My point is that to have the Logies sponsored by an platform which promote only a section of total TV industry undermines the credibility of the awards.

    The Logies should celebrate everything which is great about the whole TV industry.

  5. carolemorrissey

    I’ve always thought that Foxtel shows shouldn’t be included in the Logies, as not everyone has Foxtel. Or they should be a separate category. I see all these shows nominated that I haven’t even heard of or seen.

  6. No-one should have a problem with Freeview sponsoring the Logies. Surely Brian Walsh isn’t relying on vague “messages” from the organisers on whether Foxtel is welcome or not. He’d be getting emails & phone calls from them to come on over, no? 🙂

    Jonasboi, the problem is TV Week covers & previews both FTA & subscription TV.

  7. Brain Walsh has a point and Freeview’s statement proves this.

    Do you think they will influence the winners / guests / TV broadcast as well?

    Maybe the Logies are no longer representative.

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