Mel B to judge Australia’s Got Talent on Nine

2013-03-17_1819Mel B is returning to the judging desk in Australia, but not to The X Factor.

Instead she will join Australia’s Got Talent, the show Nine secured from Seven after the latter rested the series.

It’s quite a coup for Nine, given she was so successful on The X Factor. Nine is expected to announce two more judges this week.

Brown’s availability was thrown into question when she signed for America’s Got Talent amid suggestions of visa problems and dates clashing.

Judging on AGT would mean less time required because there is no mentoring of acts, as required on The X Factor.

Brown has made no secret of her affection for living and working in Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports she said the gig will be “a great opportunity to continue to spend time in Australia and discover more of the exceptional talent you have an abundance of.”

Auditions for AGT began in Melbourne this weekend.

Rumours about new judges on both Seven and Nine talent shows has been an industry guessing game, with suggestions Sharon Osbourne could be headed for one.

But in addition to replacing Melanie Brown on The X Factor, Seven will now also need to find a new co-host for Dancing with the Stars.

Update: Seven wins injunction against Mel B switching to Nine


  1. I am amazed she mel b signed with nine when ahe is still under contract with the seven network. I can never work out how these stars get away with breaking their contracts if that is what she has done and why AGT is such a lame show

  2. Not according to this article. Looks like Channel 7 took Mel B to court. Doesn’t look to me like she will be joining the show.

  3. This story needs updating.Seven have won an injunction preventing Mel B from appearing on another Aussie channel until after Jan 31 2014.

  4. I hope Channel 9 have more sense than to bring back Danni Minogue as a judge…. I could’nt handle her overacting when she liked an act…it was such a put on!!!!

  5. @ BigVic, your comments at best are derisory. I look forward to the pointy end of 2013 to reference your “estimation”.

    I personally couldn’t be happier to see the back of Mel B. I never enjoyed her time as judge on The X Factor: Australia, notably in 2012 when her negative energy permeated the atmosphere, including the well-documented friction she shared with Natalie B.

    May the rumours of Seven cutting Luke Jacobz loose be true. Only time will tell if that’s the case.

  6. This is a major coup for Nine. AGT always had respectable ratings except for last season when it was up against The Voice. Looks like Nine are going to do a big budget version and it will be up against lesser opposition so should do ok. My only concern is the talent pool must be starting to dry up, but we said that after Idol finished too. Love the boldness of Nine. TEN should take note.

  7. @BigVic You mean the show that was axed due to low ratings only last year Seven and is being rebooted with stolen Seven talent? Oh yes, choo choo Channel 9 train.

  8. KAK would be perfect filling the DWTS void, but they will go with someone younger. KAK is quick-witted, fun and very glamourous. It would give her that prime-time show she always sought and give DWTS a touch of class that it has been lacking of late!

  9. I was really surprised to see this as well.

    Though I did wonder how her Jenny Craig contract would work if she wasn’t on tv here.

    I can’t see DWTS coming back with Daniel Macpherson as he seems to be LA based now.

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