No host for Logies

It's a host-less Logies again this year, the second in a row.

logieaIt’s a host-less Logies again this year, the second in a row.

While I thought Hamish and Andy may have gotten the gig (they are both Nine identities and both in the running for the Gold), Fairfax reports they will open the proceedings.

I guess they were never going to let Adam Hills, Shaun Micallef or Wil Anderson host given they aren’t Nine identities… It really should go to Wil Anderson at some point. He loves to tweet about how dodgy the night is, so he should step in at some point.

But I suppose celebrities are also smart enough these days to decline what is widely regarded as a “poisoned chalice.”

Everybody still remembers Gretel Killeen’s night along with various others before her.

I always prefer a host because it gives the night some character.

Shane Bourne was the last host in 2011.

Anybody ask Jordan Raskopoulos?

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  1. If the Logies were to ever be rotated thru the networks, they could get Shaun Micallef to host it every year since he’s been on just about every network and isn’t strongly identified with any particular one.

  2. They did use to rotate it every year years ago, but I read somewhere that the other networks haven’t been interested, so it stayed with 9.

    I know that previous hosts are always bagged out and given a hard time, but I’ve liked them. I didn’t mind Gretel Killeen when she did it and I liked Wendy Harmer too, I thought the critics were unnecessarily harsh with both of them. All those who criticise, I would like to see them do better.

  3. it kinda all went down hill after Wendy Harmer hosted… the Logies have become a kiss of death for anyone hosting. its almost career suicide. Adam Hills opened last year and was a hit, he would be a perfect fit to host. Andrew Denton was also fun to watch he made Packer sweat.

  4. David, I would love to see a section added (in your blog) where you include your radio/podcast interviews and/or planned weekly schedule.

    Why? because it would be great to have one central place to go to view/hear everything that you do, which might I say is plenty 🙂

    The Media Week interview is easy to get via iTunes but the ABC interview (unless you have a better method than I do) is horrendous to download and/or find easily.

    Not complaining, just looking for one central place to find everything..

    Having said that, I fully appreciate all the work you do, so fully understand if it is not possible.



  5. Well if Hamish & Andy are opening the show, I hope that’s the only time they’ll be on stage! I think they should really incorporate the Gold nominees into the show this year to really champion their contributions to TV in the last year. A two-minute interview at their table every year isn’t quite enough. Who doesn’t want to see more of Asher Keddie? Or Adam Hills? And Steve Peacocke – so people can stop saying they haven’t got a clue who he is.

  6. Yawn…. Not that they are anywhere in the same league, but the Emmys rotate from network to network each year so that they each get a turn and each get to use one of their personalities. The fact Nine broadcasted the show 35 times in 49 years is staggeringly biased to their personalities. Rotate the networks each year. At the very least get someone to give the show an ounce of credibility

  7. Come on Daniel be fair David works his butt off with this site you can’t expect him to have everything up the second it happens this was one of the rare chance where he didn’t have something up the second it happened give him a break

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