AnzacGallipoliOn Thursday SKY News will present Live, uninterrupted, multi-channel coverage of ANZAC Day events taking place across Australia, New Zealand, France and Turkey.

At 4:30am, join us for Live coverage of Sydney Dawn Service followed by the Canberra Dawn Service from the Australian War Memorial at 5.30am.

Throughout the morning ANZAC Day First Edition will cross to SKY NEWS reporters across Australia and New Zealand as both nations pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate price and we will hear from Australian troops currently serving overseas.

At 8:30am a special edition of AM Agenda will be presented Live from the Australian War Memorial.

From 10:30am Live coverage of the National ANZAC Day Service in Canberra, including the official march, commemorative address and wreath laying ceremony.

At 12.30pm NewsDay will take you Live to the Gallipoli Dawn Service, followed by the Villers Brentonneux Dawn Service at 1.30pm and at 5.15pm as part of PM Agenda SKY News will cross back to Gallipoli for Australian memorial service at Lone Pine.

At 8:00pm, Political Editor David Speers will host a special ANZAC Day edition of The Nation from the Australian War Memorial discussing how the nation will celebrate the ANZAC Day centenary in 2015..

ANZAC Day on A-PAC Australia’s Public Affairs Channel, channel 648:

A-PAC will feature encore presentations of ceremonies throughout the day plus additional coverage including the Auckland Dawn Service and messages from Australian troops serving overseas.

A-PAC will also present features on Australia’s VC recipients, our involvement in the Vietnam War and a new Last Post ceremony unveiled by the Australian War Memorial.

Dedicated ANZAC Day channels on Sky News Multiview

For access anytime to key ANZAC Day moments Foxtel subscribers will be able to press the red button on their remote to see dedicated channels on SKY News Multiview.

Throughout the day SKY News coverage will also available to subscribers using the Foxtel Go app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iPad mini.

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