MasterChef Australia: week one

2013-05-26_0208Much debate has centered around the “Boys v Girls” promos for MasterChef.

Rather than being the thrust of the entire series, I’m hearing word that this is the first in a series of shifting challenges across the series.

While it does form part of the first week, it may wrap by the second.

In the first week there are just 4 episodes, but 5 follow a week later. There will also be daytime replays at 11am.

7:30pm Sunday June 2
Masterchef is back & we are coming to you from the culinary capital of Australia, Melbourne. We have 22 brand new contestants chasing their dream to become Australia’s next MasterChef.

7:30pm Monday June 3
The day 2 challenge pits female contestants against male contestants in a Protein Pick Face Off and what’s at stake? The bottom 6 will go in to the first elimination challenge tomorrow.

7:30pm Tuesday June 4
In the first elimination, the worst 6 dishes from last night’s Protein Pick Face Off are cooking, and what’s on the menu? An Invention Test with a twist. Tune is to see who will be the first to go.

7:30pm Wednesday June 5
MasterClass makes a welcomed return to our screens tonight and it’s had a bit of a makeover. For the first time ever, there is a twist with a studio audience member.


  1. Oh, so they just made it *look* like the entire series would be like that as a publicity stunt to try and address the Masterchef fatigue that has plagued the show’s ratings for the past couple of seasons.

    I’m a little relieved, though. An entire season of Boys vs. Girls would have been such a horrible idea.

  2. Really looking forward to this! Fresh new look with the new kitchen (and new house which we didn’t see in Professionals) and a bit of a spicing up of the winning recipe – should be a good season!

  3. carolemorrissey

    I didn’t think the battle of the sexes theme would be for the whole season, but only for a couple of challenges. But the promos as usual are misleading in giving that impression.

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