Returning: Fairly Legal

Seven has rescheduled US drama Fairly Legal, which was due to resume this Sunday night.

2012-07-02_2000Seven has rescheduled US drama Fairly Legal, which was due to resume this Sunday night.

It now returns 11:30pm Sunday May 26.

A month after her firing, Kate makes a triumphant return to Reed & Reed-and this time she’s an equal partner in the firm. Kate’s trying to keep the mediation between a cancer-stricken former factory worker and the chemical company that may have knowingly exposed him to harmful chemicals. Meanwhile, her personal life is about to go up in flames.

The show was axed in the US last November but there are 13 eps in this second season.

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  1. Craig & Josh, you couldn’t have said it better.
    Fairly Legal, Royal Pains & Suits what a line up.

    Back to Sarah…she is also on Chicago Fire!!!!

    She is smokinnnnn!!!

  2. Strange slot, first 11:30pm behind Lewis.

    Seven seem to be throwing on whatever they’ve got (apart from Suits) in late night slots to get a few more viewers.

    And then why suddenly push it back a week so they can show I Shouldn’t Be Alive?
    Lewis isn’t linked on Foxtel so may be a one off and perhaps they have a line-up that Fairly Legal fits into better planned for next week.

  3. I loved the first season so I will definitely be watching. Sucks that it was cancelled by USA though. Hopefully Seven bring back Royal Pains soon as we’re an entire season behind and season 5 starts next month!

  4. I’ve been hoping this show would come back, Meat Loaf guest starred in it so hopefully we will get his episode soon. I wondered if it was still going as she is in Person Of Interest off and on at the moment.

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