Three way drama battle looming

ppgiThe way things are shaping up, we’re heading for a three-way local drama battle between A Place to Call Home, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and House Husbands.

This week Nine confirmed it was moving House Husbands back to Sunday night from May 19.

Presuming it returns to 8:30pm that will see it go head to head with A Place to Call Home.

A week later ABC1 enters the fray with Cliffy. Paper Giants follows on June 2 and The Time of Our Lives on June 16.

TEN must be comforted that their stake on Wednesday nights will see Offspring isolated from that stoush (Pay TV notwithstanding).

It’s not the first time three local dramas will go head to head, with Rake, Rush and Cops LAC in identical timeslots in 2010.


  1. @TasTVcameraman
    Yes the bus stunt was the low-light of House Husbands, they presumably wanted something spectacular for the promos.

    It is an OK drama but something I would be happy to watch only watch when there isn’t anything else on.

  2. @Guy
    There are reasons why US TV is scheduled like that. The Sweeps system causing all the key episodes are up against each other, the national affiliate system with rigid slots, the traditional role of TV Guide and the FCC’s heavy handed regulation.

    Here we just have a 40 week ratings season and a system based on industry self-regulation backed up by ACMA fines for unresolved breeches of the industry’s code of practice.

    Though there are always exemptions for Live TV and there were plenty of overuns in the US this season.

  3. Of course Nine go and do this. Each week we have another timeslot for another show and look at this coming week. 60 minutes at 9pm? The scheduling in Australia from All networks is a Joke! In America we see shows scheduled months and months in advance and strict scheduling procedures in place. Here its beyond a joke. Its time scheduling here is cracked down on because the state of Australian TV scheduling has become downright ridiculous.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    @ nik c May 8, 2013 at 8:06 pm ..
    Totally agree…it is turning into a lucky dip…turn on your TV set and see what you get…
    If not for this site…it would be even worse keeping up.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    @TasTVcameraman – I’m with you, I’m happy to reward Ten for starting Elementary close to 8:30 every week (except when the Euro rounds of F1 are on).

  6. TasTVcameraman

    Fairly simple solution really to me anyway, watch Elementary as it nearly always starts on time, playback A place to Call Home afterwards, and then on Monday night whilst reality is kicking in you can play back the offering on ABC, and by the way give House Husbands the filck, in my opinion. I gave it the flick after the first episode with the kid driving the school bus..really.

  7. I hate when they do this but at least most of us have PVRs now so record 1 or 2 and watch the other. That said I’m more looking forward to Offspring returning than the others.

  8. Why is House husbands off this week and the Voice is everywhere???
    Why are EPG changing so often. It might be ‘fun’ to keep the competitors guessing but viewers are getting Increasingly Annoyed!!! The number of shows shifting, starting late and being yanked off air is getting beyond a joke!!!

  9. I must admit, with all the hype surrounding A place to call home I haven’t yet found it that interesting. I’ve also given up on Mrs Biggs as It’s like reading a book you’ve aleady read

  10. Maev....Sydney

    I am afraid House Husbands has been pushed to the end of my viewing list….and I watch a lot of catchup TV…mostly because I like to watch when I feel like it…not when I am tired and half asleep….Iview is the best…others not so great…but watchable.

  11. Ah! Forgot the word drama. I still stand by what I said. The fact we haven’t had three dramas up against one another is sad. We should be spoilt for choice, not begging for more.

  12. I’m enjoying A Place to Call Home & I’m looking forward to the ABC dramas. I don’ t really care about House Husbands.

  13. I actually find it a little sad that this news. Not from the perspective that it is newsworthy (I think it is), but more that this isn’t more of a common occurrence. We’re making a big deal out of three channels showing Australian drama content at the same time. Shouldn’t this be a common place thing? Shouldn’t this be something that happens regularly and no one takes notice? It’s really a sad indictment on the Australian television industry that it’s been three years since there’s been a head-to-head of Australian content on our screens.

  14. Unfortunately I haven’t really been enjoying this season of House Husbands, I’ll most likely be tuning into A Place to Call Home which has been strong in my eyes.

  15. I’m glad ABC1 is sticking to their guns this time. Just because they’re all Australian doesn’t mean their after the same audience/demos.

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