Airdate: The Daily Edition

2013-06-11_1945Seven’s new afternoon show The Daily Edition, hosted by Sally Obermeder and Kris Smith, will launch at 3pm on Monday.

That puts it head to head with Nine News Now and Judge Judy.

Catch up on all of the hottest issues from today’s news and entertainment with lively discussions, interviews and crosses to newsmakers around the country.

It looks like it will also have a  midnight replay each day.


  1. I’ve been tuning in to The Daily Edition since it aired last week. Overall it’s not a bad afternoon program. Today however, please get your information correct.
    Kris Smith – the West Coast Eagles played Essendon at Paterson’s Stadium, not the WACA as you mentioned, this is an entirely different venue used for cricket matches.
    Tom Williams – When discussing the major tennis tournament in England, the name is Wimbledon not Wimbleton.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    might give this show a go. i dont mind nine news now. Although this looks like old paths are being retrodden. One network does something new and gets some kind of success and then every network does it. No originality in tv land this is another example, although if it is good then nobody will care.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    David, don’t you mean “…hosted by one of Australia’s most loved television presenters, Sally Obermeder and one of Australia’s best known faces, Kris Smith,…”?

    If I was inclined to watch TV at that time and those three programs were the only choices, I’d be watching Judge Judy.

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