Bumped: Reef Doctors (again)

3reefdTEN has made yet another major programming change to Reef Doctors, now bumping it from TEN to ELEVEN.

It will no longer screen tomorrow night at 9:30pm but instead moves to 6:30pm Saturday from this weekend.

It’s the second time in around two weeks that TEN has moved the family-based drama.

Yesterday producer Jonathan M. Shiff told TV Tonight, “Most of the budget and most of the creative control was exercised overseas as the show was made for the international market. It’s a great pity it didn’t resonate in Australia. But looking back at why it didn’t….  it’s very difficult to plant the seed a year prior and then dig it up after one episode.”

The show has already been sold into European markets and will next premiere in Germany on ZDF.

Shiff has also just secured an international rollout of his next series, Mako Mermaids via Netflix on July 26th. It will premiere on TEN as Mako Island of Secrets.


  1. Please sack the programmers of the commerical channels. I am so sick of them moving shows. Its ridiculous. They dont leave the show for long enough to gain an audience. Its like they have no patience. I almost exclusively watch ABC and SBS. I really liked Reef Doctors. Should have been on ABC. They dont muck shows around. I am now watching Reef Doctors on the internet.

  2. I saw the ad on Eleven tonight. Although I also saw pop-ups for Masterchef too. I guess I’m just going to have to accept my time with watching Star Trek on live TV is limited. I’ve yet to know how much more I will watch. But thank you. I’ve loved the experience most of the time being able to watch the show.

    I would have stuck with it for years if they had of stuck with what they did 3 weeks ago and the past 2 and a half years. I guess one day my Star Trek nights will be the store bought DVD (or Blu-Ray) discs of my own making. When I said I liked watching the ads. I wasn’t joking. Watching Star Trek every week meant I kept up to date with both Eleven and Ten. But if it becomes no longer possible then I just have to accept it. Because I refuse to be broken again. And I seriously don’t want this. But it’s not up to me except the time I choose to let go.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I was sooo looking forward to this show…but TEN just messed it around…as I have said before…if I have to start chasing a show around…forget it!…
    And do not get me started on Gardening Australia…even the music has changed..I just dont get it anymore…or watch it anymore…I did try…

  4. Secret Squirrel

    FFS Ten. Here’s a suggestion – why don’t you get a grip, swallow that unmerited pride, and read TV Tonight *before* you make you make your next bumbling, inept programming decision?

    @Pertinax – if Ten’s programming dept was really that aware, they’d have waited until it was actually July before moving it, or they would have moved it to Eleven straight after it’s abysmal first ep.

  5. 6:30pm Saturday on Eleven is a good slot for it.

    Does Conroy’s new local content system kick in on July 1st?

    Could that be the reason for it moving to Eleven next week as it would count double for Eleven’s local content requirement?

  6. TasTVcameraman

    Best time and best Channel for it, Anything is better than Costas and Gardening australia, or endless repeats of Heartbeat. Talking of Heartbeat why dont they rest it for 12 months.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Geez ch 10, why didn’t you just bloody well do that in the first place? How many times am I going to re-set my recorder for this show?

  8. Never had a chance on Ten. They have no idea how to run a network. Jut look at the vulgar watermarks they ae polluting our screens with now for the Olympics and now Masterchef. No wonder everyone thinks Ten is best avoided.

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