Humphrey B. Bear to return -on community TV.

humphrey4TV icon Humphrey B. Bear is returning to television, but this time he will be a regular on community television in a format the echoes the past.

The kid’s favourite will be seen at 7:30pm every night to say goodnight to the children of Australia, which is what Fat Cat has been doing in Western Australia for years.

The Advertiser reports his mum, Mumphrey, will read a goodnight story before Humphrey blows a kiss and waves goodnight to children watching at home.

The return follows four years in the wilderness for Humphrey, aside from the odd appearance, after his owners went into bankruptcy in South Australia.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth will also broadcast Humphrey’s goodnight message on community stations.

He will also appear, alongside children’s entertainers The Fairies, as part of a daily morning block of children’s TV programming branded C’Mon Kids, running from 7am to 8.30am on Channel 44. Select states will broadcast the block under a different name.


  1. Ha Ha cute, mumphrey. Never knew he had a mum.

    I loved Humphrey growing up, as a kid I wanted to meet him just so I could give him a hug.

  2. southern cross ten has a group called the workers who say goodnight to the kids at 7.30
    wasnt there a kids show called cmon kids in the 80’s on channel 9 is this the same show being shown in repeats or is this a new show that just happens to have the same name?

  3. @Beckala – Is still on, but Prime Possum really needs to adjust his watch, trying to send kids to bed at 7:20pm during DSTime ?
    Still, no one comes close to King Humphrey.

  4. Nice to see Humphrey back, my adult son used to idolise him, and would sit glued to the tv watching him, there is something very appealing about that bear!

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