Is Shock of the Now still coming?

Filmed last year but will TEN's factual show Shock of the Now still be airing now?

2012-10-03_2356As reported this week TEN will be having a Winter Launch celebrating new shows next month.

But it isn’t clear if Shock of the Now, hosted by comedian Tom Ballard will be one of those celebrated.

The show was filmed before an audience last October and announced as part of the network’s 2013 launch.

“TEN will add to its factual program line-up in 2013 with Shock of the Now, a smart, unpredictable live show that explains our connected world. This is not a gadget show: think of it as a state-of-the art tonight show that allows viewers to interact directly with what is happening on their television screens. Shock of the Now is produced by Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder,” TEN said at the time of its commission.

But like Come Date with Me, TEN couldn’t confirm if the show will air in 2013.

“It hasn’t been axed we just haven’t announced a TX (telecast) date yet,” a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight.

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder will also produce Wanted for TEN.

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