Gap Year Asia: August 5

Hamish & Andy join a search for landmines in Cambodia and race across Bangkok -backwards.

2013-07-31_1204Hamish and Andy return with Gap Year Asia on Monday now at the new time of 7pm (which given current Big Brother ratings may have been a wise move after all).

Here’s what’s coming up in the episode.

Landmine Wrangler (Cambodia)  
Hamish & Andy meet local hero Aki Ra and join him on a mission to locate and detonate a landmine in the nearby bushland. Aki was conscripted at 12 years old to lay landmines for the Khmer Rouge (before later being captured by the Vietnamese and forced to do the same against the Khmer Rouge – and his friends/family). After peace broke out in the late 1990s, Aki Ra wanted to turn this around and therefore taught himself how to clear mines.

Backwards Racing (Thailand)  
A distance race over a 6km course across Bangkok where Hamish and Andy can only go backwards. To ensure they do this, both contestants put on full-face helmets that have a screen inside and a camera facing out the back so they can only see what’s behind them.

7pm Monday on Nine.

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  1. the premiere was hilarious, its been ordinary ever since. I think the audience have been watching it on autopilot. the week off, new slot and increased competition from TXF is going to derail a lot of viewers.

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