Tim Robards is The Bachelor

Tim RobardsSydney based chiropractor Tim Robards, 30, has been named as the object of desire in TEN’s reality series The Bachelor.

Robards was born and raised in Newcastle and is now co-owner of a chiropractic clinic. According to his bio he loves an active lifestyle, cooking healthy meals, working out and doing yoga. And women who are honest, intelligent, down to earth with a sense of humour. No kidding?

The former Chadwicks Model was a 2011 Top 50 contender in the annual Cleo Bachelor of the Year contest once even a cover boy for DNA gay magazine. Something for everybody…

However News Corp claims Robards broke up with girlfriend Coby Connell just a few weeks before signing onto the series.

Shine Australia is currently filming the series for TEN, with 25 single females vying for his attention.

It is due to air later this year.


  1. bettestreep2008

    I thought Lynton from Master Chef was gonna be the Bachelor.

    As for it being a hit or a miss – Beauty and the geek and Marry my boy were hits for Seven – so theres plenty of idiots out there who will watch it.

    As for me – I’ll give it a huuuuuge miss thanks very much.

  2. @Jason

    Personally it doesnt interest me. But it is different to all of the singing, cooking and renovating shows on the air at the moment, so it potentially could do ok for Ten. And this is the first Aussie version of the series, so I wouldn’t call it old or a revival.

  3. This could find an audience. It’s along the same lines as Farmer Wants a Wife which has been a solid performer for Nine over the years. Hopefully Ten stick to once or twice a week scheduling.

  4. You can almost smell the sincerity. He breaks up with his wannabe actor girlfriend (I’m sure she understands, it’s an opportunity to be on a TV show!).

    I’m not prepared to call this one a failure yet. We were all so sure Masterchef S1 was going to bomb before it launched too.

  5. @alvar – “I think this could work for Ten as its a fresh concept” Huh?.
    This garbage started in 2002. A typical review comment is “Who really is more pathetic? The people that watch this show or the people that participate in it?”
    Then of course there’s The Farmer Wants a Wife, Please Marry My Boy, The Bachelorette (new-age word for “spinster”) since 2003. I’m sure I missed a few other clones.
    TEN, where everything old is new again.

  6. “Honest, intelligent, down to earth with a sense of humour” well that’s me! Where’s my rose and ring?

    It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.

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